Measuring Corporate Impact at Sony Electronics [Case Study]

Nearly 50% of sustainability leaders report measuring ROI as their greatest challenge (Source: Aberdeen Group). What if you could encourage all of your employees to act sustainably and easily measure the ROI of your employee engagement project? That’s just what Sony Electronics (SEL) set out to do when it launched the Green Workspace Certification employee engagement program on a customized version of the WeSpire platform.

In order to scale its Green Workspace Certification project — an annual initiative to engage employees to participate in SEL’s broader corporate vision by making the office more sustainable — Sony Electronics decided to take its in-person desk inspections and surveys online using WeSpire’s employee engagement technology platform.

Our new case study details Sony Electronics’ unique Green Workspace Certification project, and highlights the company’s first six months of success from taking their initiative online in three key areas:

  • Program scale: SEL was able to increase employee participation in the project through gamification, social engagement and achievement recognition
  • Environmental impact: The actions taken from this one project resulted in significant environmental impacts in 5 categories: waste, water, fuel, energy and emissions.
  • Financial savings: After measuring the direct financial impact of six specific employee actions — such as “use reusable cups” and “reduce your use of paper towels,” among others — SEL estimated this one project saved $84 per participant, or over $11,000!

Sony Electronics employee engagement case studyDownload our free employee engagement case study to learn more about how Sony Electronics uses WeSpire’s employee engagement platform to make a sustainable impact.