How to Launch Successful Employee Engagement Programs

Imagine you’re a comedian. You have been working for months on your newest routine. The jokes are written, tested, rewritten and tested again. You have everything planned, down to the very pair of jeans that you will wear on stage. Then, the day of the performance, your producer tells you to hand over your material to a stranger who goes on stage to do your bit. Everything falls flat. Of course it does!

No matter how much you prepare, in the end, it is all about the delivery.

Don’t let the delivery get in the way of your employee engagement programs. When you have your programs planned and ready to launch, what can you do to ensure widespread adoption from the beginning? Here are a few tips we have learned working with MGM Resorts to launch the company’s MY Green Advantage employee engagement program:

Partner with your managers

One of the top factors that determines whether an organization will effectively execute a corporate strategic initiative is stakeholder involvement in the initiative.

Regardless of whether your organization has one, two or one hundred locations, getting local managers involved and taking ownership in your employee engagement programs means you will have eyes and feet on the ground helping you out.

When MGM launched MY Green Advantage, they made sure to have each property’s launch party led in partnership with the Property Manager and property Employee Engagement Team.

Use your brand

Your organization has created a brand around its core values, not only to connect with customers but also with its own employees. Think about how your employee engagement programs will reflect your company’s brand when they are launched. MGM used WeSpire’s platform for its program, but created a unique name and incorporated positive actions that it felt fit its brand image.

Don’t be stingy

For large companies, it takes a significant amount of marketing resources to get the word out about employee engagement programs. Don’t skimp on these resources, as it could negate all of the money that you just spent developing your program. MGM put in the time and the money to throw launch parties in all of their locations. Make sure you have the support, in terms of both financial and human capital behind you, so your program is a success.

Add the fun factor

Fun is consistently missing from most companies’ strategies for workforce development, but could make all the difference between successful employee engagement programs and ones that falls flat. Employees are more likely to get excited and get involved in programs that emphasize the fun factor. MY Green Advantage incorporates fun and social aspects, and the launch parties featured onsite photo booths so new program registrants could take pictures with their colleagues.

Start winning

Once you have planned, launched and made it to this point, winning might seem easy. But the question becomes, how do you know whether you are actually winning?  Make sure to track and measure employee engagement, and publicize the positive impact that you are making to keep employees engaged and excited.

Keep on spreading the word

The key is frequent communication. Once your programs are launched, it is easy to sit back, relax… and watch it stagnate. MGM continuously features MY Green Advantage in weekly employee communications and, as a result, is rewarded with 300-500 new platform registrants every week. Employee engagement programs require constant nurturing and communication, but as it begins to grow and become part of the heartbeat of your company, the positive impact will be significant.

MGM Employee Engagement programsDownload our case study to learn more about how MGM Resorts uses WeSpire’s Employee Engagement platform for its My Green Advantage program.