3 strategies to boost employee engagement and strengthen economic, social and environmental quality of life

A recent Gallup report shows that companies with highly engaged employees have 147% higher earnings per share compared to companies with low employee engagement. In addition to driving higher levels of productivity and lower turnover rates, employee engagement programs also positively impact customer ratings and satisfaction: Analysis by Harvard Business School found a causal relationship between customer loyalty and employees’ participation in sustainable activities through Caesars’ engagement program.

In addition to the economic benefits, high employee engagement can have a significant impact on the environment and the community. With 89% of surveyed employees reporting that they would try a sustainability tactic at home that was introduced at work, it is evident that corporate initiatives have influence beyond the scope of the workplace.

With proven evidence on the economic, social, and environmental impact employee engagement drives, Caesars Entertainment recently took their community involvement and engagement program—Caesars CodeGreen—to the next level. Through careful planning and utilization of WeSpire’s online platform, the corporation was able to successfully log over 70,000+ sustainable and volunteer actions, which translates to environmental savings equivalent to nearly $250 per user annually.

How was Caesars able to do it? Here are three key strategies to take community involvement to the next level:

  • Use Mobile Technology to Overcome Geographic Barriers

As the majority of the 68,000 Caesars employees work in service, it is hard for them to engage electronically with corporate HQ. Thus, it was imperative that Caesar’s employee engagement platform was mobile-friendly. Regardless of whether your company is 20 or 200,000 strong, a mobile, web-based platform allows users to connect during the workday or at home. This format provides the most flexibility in tracking employee actions and results in a greater likelihood of participation.

  • Link your engagement program to your brand’s core mission

Caesars management wished to better connect its employees with their mission: “inspiring grown-ups to play.” How easier to do so than through an employee engagement program utilizing gamification? Employees could engage in friendly competition against those in other departments or across locations. The result? A twofold benefit of happier, motivated employees who embodied the company vision and who could also better convey the brand image to customers.

  • Introduce new ideas by building upon existing programs

At the start of the partnership, Caesars already had an engagement program in place, named CodeGreen, which encouraged sustainable living. Yet, they wanted to expand their program to include options for volunteering activities. By utilizing the WeSpire platform for promotion and by rebranding its engagement program, Caesars did not need to heavily recruit employees into an entirely new program because its users were already familiar with it.

Download WeSpire’s new case study on Caesars Entertainment, The Corporate Community Connection: Leveraging employee motivation to do ‘good’ injects goodness into a brand and loyalty into its customers.