Employee Engagement News Roundup 11/25/2015

The WeSpire Employee Engagement Weekly News Roundup aggregates the top employee engagement articles from around the industry to keep you informed and inspire positive impact in your organization.

How HR, Sustainability Heads Can Partner to Embed Purpose Throughout an Organization

Rosie Warin, of Global Tolerance, led a session last week at SB’ 15 in London, where she explained the growing shift of employees who desire more purposeful work. Warin outlined three key areas companies can improve upon in order to adapt to this shift. Other panelists offered insight into how companies can continue to attract Millennial talent: be bold, be inclusive and responsive, and be authentic. The main takeaway: Incorporating your employees’ unique skills into your overall business strategy is the key to success.

Why Trust Is The Core Of Employee Engagement

Organizations that understand the importance of creating a culture based on trust enjoy greater profits along with increased productivity from their employees. Research done by Towers Watson found that 8 out of 10 highly engaged employees have trust in their leaders. However, trust is a two way street, something that must be built from the start. This article explains that this can be done through transparency, mutuality, and improved communication.

Towards Corporate Humanities: How To Leverage Purpose To Make Your Organization More Human

As the fourth installment of a 4-part series, this article collection is a recent WeSpire staff favorite. The author takes readers through a well-researched journey of purpose, its effect on the economy, its relation to psychology, and how it can be used to humanize business. The author offers suggestions on how to close the gap between organizational and societal value, particularly by humanizing a company and its operations. She continues to say, “By giving a company a personality, with both strengths and weaknesses, great leaders can help cultivate a culture to help pursue it’s purpose.”

What Millennials Expect From Employers

As the growing population of Millennials continues to enter into the workforce, Deloitte began conducting studies to better understand what this generation values in the workplace and how businesses could better adapt to changing expectations. The survey results show the majority of Millennials care most about improving society, instilling purpose in their work and are far more concerned with how employees are treated at a company than their personal income. Deloitte says businesses need to revisit their core, and understand their true purpose if they hope to attract and retain young employees.

5 Surprising Things To Be Thankful For (At Work)

During the holidays we are given the opportunity to take time off of work, spend time with family and friends and give thanks for everything important in our lives. But when giving thanks we often overlook our jobs and the opportunities given to us in the workplace. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving tomorrow, this article shares the importance of being thankful for our work: for our small wins, the constant competition that makes us better, the opportunities to continue learning, and our co-workers who support us, help us innovate, and keep us engaged at work. We hope you all take time this holiday season to self reflect and spend time with loved ones—and we’re thankful to be part of your weekly routine! Enjoy!