Employee Engagement News Roundup 12/04/2015

The WeSpire Employee Engagement Weekly News Roundup aggregates the top employee engagement articles from around the industry to keep you informed and inspire positive impact in your organization.

Does Your Work Excite You?

A recent study done by GetVIOP found that only about half the working population is excited by the work that they do. As they dug deeper, they found Millennials were among the highest percentage of excited workers. So how do others join the Millennial population in their work place excitement? While the impulsive answer may be to change jobs, the author recognizes it may not be the most realistic option. Instead, he provides a solution; job crafting, by changing 3 key behaviors that help you get closer to your dream job.

Engage Employees by Helping Them Fulfill Their Sense of Purpose

Research shows purpose-driven employees have increased productivity, higher engagement rates, and are significantly less likely to leave their job. While the topic is well-researched, employers are still struggling to understand how to help employees find their purpose. The author provides four strategies to better align company goals with purpose, and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

Many employers believe that a cutthroat culture will lead their companies to financial success, but executives fail to account for the hidden costs associated with this harmful environment. The low engagement levels, lack of loyalty, and overwhelming stress of a negative company culture account for billions of dollars lost in revenue. Research shows employee perks are no longer enough. Employees care most about their well-being. Creating a positive company culture is the first step in increasing employee well-being.

Why the Smartest People Choose Meaning over Money

A study done by McGraw Hill found that recent graduates believe it is more important to find a job they love over a job that pays well. More and more employees are joining this pursuit of meaningful work and the pay off is powerful. Employees who find meaningful work create their own definition of success, and as a result, tend to be more confident, work harder, and better network with their coworkers.

To Attract Millennial Money, Corporate Social Responsibility is More Important Than Ever

Millennials aren’t the first generation to uncover Corporate Social Responsibility, but they are leading the effort to demand companies show responsibility and be more transparent with their initiatives. This generation is more curious than ever and isn’t afraid to expose companies who aren’t living up to their CSR potential. Luckily, companies like Unilever and Accenture are leading the way, and the author explains ways other companies can follow suit.