Employee Engagement News Roundup 12/11/2015

The WeSpire Employee Engagement Weekly News Roundup aggregates the top employee engagement articles from around the industry to keep you informed and inspire positive impact in your organization.

Why It Matters That Your People Know They Matter

Organizations whose leaders recognize their employees and create a work environment conducive to personal career advancement will not only experience a significant increase in engagement levels, but will also improve business results. This article provides three opportunities to create an environment that values employee contributions. Our favorite: measure performance, honor contribution.

Telltale Signs Employees Are Not Engaged

“The companies that succeed today are the ones who treat their employees like clients, and their clients like employees”, says Joe Mechlinski, CEO of Entrequest. He understands the importance of empowering employees, making them feel valued and heard, and giving them a sense of purpose in the workplace; all essential ingredients in creating a culture centered around employee engagement. This article recommends how organizations can better understand and improve their own levels of engagement.

The Two Sides of Employee Engagement

Most companies mistake employee satisfaction as the paramount indicator of employee engagement. This article explains the importance of examining employee perceptions and self-reported behavior in six key areas to better gauge true engagement. The author emphasizes the importance of piecing together individual engagement, and factoring in employees’ perceptions and actions, as a way to ensure organizations don’t mischaracterize engagement. Understanding these relationships will only add to an organization’s bottom line and increase morale.

4 Ways Workplace Giving/Volunteering Can Drive Employee Engagement

Did you know providing volunteer opportunities at work could significantly increase engagement throughout your organization? Research shows that Millennials actively seek out companies who support a cause, and employees that participate in workplace volunteering are nearly twice as satisfied. Companies committed to workplace volunteering attract and retain top talent, report happier, more engaged employees, and increase their bottom line. This article suggests volunteering ideas to help drive your own organization’s volunteering programs.

How to Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Corporate Impact

Claus Stig Pedersen, head of corporate sustainability at Novozymes, says his company lives and breathes sustainability. Pedersen explains how Novozymes uses the UN’s sustainability goals as a guide to determine if new business development projects are a good fit or not, and encourages other businesses to follow suit. This article explains how refining and aligning company initiatives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will only further positive impact on society.