Employee Engagement News Roundup 12/18/2015

The WeSpire Employee Engagement Weekly News Roundup aggregates the top employee engagement articles from around the industry to keep you informed and inspire positive impact in your organization.

10 Ways We Can Move Business To The Next Level Through Purpose

Organizations can no longer get by with merely saying they have a purpose; businesses must be willing to integrate purpose into the very core of their business. This change begins with employees, ensuring they not only understand their company’s purpose, but also how their work contributes to it. This article discusses further ways your business can understand and share its purpose as a way to improve your bottom line, attract and retain top talent, and improve society.

Why Millennials Don’t Want To Work For You

“Millennials don’t want jobs. They want lives,” the author explains. This does not mean Millennials are lazy; it means they want the freedom of flexibility. They want autonomy, a culture of empowerment, and they want to work for a company committed to making a positive impact. Top organizations in the coming years will be the ones that adapt their working cultures to enable all generations to thrive in the workplace.

How To Inspire Your Team In 2016

How do we continue to motivate our employees and challenge them to achieve even more? The answer: it begins with effective leadership. Leaders must be willing to help their teams learn, progress, and grow to achieve both individual and collective success. The author provides the best starting point: ask questions, set aggressive goals, and provide consistent communication and feedback. In order for your business to grow, you must inspire individuals to grow.

4 Ways To Define Trust In The New World Of Work

If you want your people to feel valued, you must put their values on a pedestal. Instill them into your work culture and live them out every day. Organizations should embrace innovation, value individual autonomy, admit that humans have emotions, and understand that it’s critical to have friends in the workplace. The article argues that creating a culture aligned with these values will strengthen the trust within your organization, and further engage your workforce.

Ringing in the New: How HR Professionals Can Institute Organizational Change in the Coming Year

This article explains the benefits of taking a dual approach to HR strategies. Top-down efforts like integrating strategic HR into business operations boosts talent acquisition, performance, and further supports company initiatives. The bottom-up approach is a more grassroots effort that helps increase employee engagement and improve company culture. Together, these approaches produce a workforce of employees that actually care about contributing to the success of their organization.