5 Ways to Have a Great Week at Work

Behavior science is clear that most new routines begin on a Monday. So let’s get on it!

1. Plan ahead. Book your exercise on your calendar, just as you would any other appointment. Do all your meal prep for the week ahead in one night so you don’t have to think about it every day this week.

2. Flip your tude. If you come into the office with a scowl on your face and headphone plugged all day then maybe nobody will bother you, which might be what what you want. Why choose to spend your days with a scowl, when a smile might get you to where you want to be? Give yourself a little talking-to and snap out of that grumpy mood.

3. Thing One and Thing Two. Pick the two things you have been meaning to do but avoiding like the plague, and move them right to the top of your list. Thing One and Thing Two. Tackle them before you even realize it’s Monday and you’ll be surprised at how much more energy you have, now that you’re not dragging Thing One and Thing Two everywhere you go! #painless

4. Carrot vs. Stick. If you’re trying to form a new habit, like cleaning up your desk every day before you go home, or walking during your lunch break, remember that a little carrot helps; sticks not so much. So set a goal and give yourself a reward at the end of the week if you hit it. Maybe it’s a chocolate, maybe it’s a little carrot.

5. Pump yourself with an intention. Start with a single phrase or a quote that rings true to you. Don’t overthink. Then plant reminders so you remember your intention today and all week long. Post-it notes on your screen or your fridge work well. You don’t need to share it, but why not! (I liked this tweet from Harrods in London enough to join others on sharing it.)

Bonus: Technology is fun to use when you’re trying to change a habit. WeSpire’s team works on elegant, effective examples every Monday—and all week long! Is your team is interested in setting up a Monday Motivation project via WeSpire’s scientifically based platform? We are here to help!

What are your favorite Monday Motivators? Share how you’re kicking off the week in the comments below!