Five Best Practices to Activate and Build an Engaged Workforce

The benefits of having an engaged workforce are numerous, and can give your organization a competitive advantage.

So how do you turn the 70 percent of employees who are disengaged into productive, engaged workers?

We’ve found that the most successful organizations are the ones that drive their employees – including leadership – to take action. Here are five best practices to incorporate into your employee engagement strategy to ensure that employees are activated.

Get leaders and managers involved
Executives and managers are key influencers at a company, and can help build a corporate culture around making positive impact. Leadership buy-in encourages employees to prioritize these initiatives, and helps them find meaning in their work, leading to higher engagement.

Know your employees and work culture
The most successful organizations tailor programs to reflect their unique mission, vision and values, and offer a variety of programs so that employees can get involved in areas they are passionate about. On an individual level, the best managers will tailor their management styles based on each employee’s distinct needs, desires and work preferences to maximize productivity and engagement.

Use data to back up your strategy
Due to the nature of Human Resources, strategy and program implementation usually rely on instincts and at best, qualitative data. Introducing quantitative metrics into your employee engagement and management strategy not only helps professionals build tailored and more robust programs, it can also help build employee trust and buy-in.

Rely on the latest HR benchmarks
Workforce demographics are changing, and the industry is getting smarter about how to influence business outcomes. Utilize the latest research to formulate a data-driven engagement strategy that is most relevant to your organization’s culture and mission.

Utilize technology
Leveraging technology is a great way to kick-start a new employee engagement program. Tools like WeSpire can help connect workforces so that employees in any location can be a part of your workplace culture, and provide the tools and accessibility for workers to learn about corporate initiatives and easily get involved and recognized for their good work. For leaders, an employee engagement platform can reduce the workload for providing diverse programming, and track impact to help employees measure their own and company success.