Five Employee Engagement Programs You Can Implement Now

Highly engaged employees are 4x more likely to do something good for their company, recommend their company’s product or service, offer helpful improvements, and are willing to stay beyond their normal workday to get things done. Read on to learn how to develop employee engagement programs that make a difference.

So the question is what are YOU, as their employer, doing to engage them?

Below are five types of employee engagement programs that our clients regularly run. They fit the needs and wants of a wide variety of employees, and have shown to be very successful. Give them a try and let us know the results!


If you are trying to get your employees to think creatively, build community, and explore new skills, implementing a program centered around innovation may be the answer. This program will encourage your employees to improve efficiencies, reflect and ponder, and share their innovation inspiration. You could also highlight the current opportunities for innovation and recent successes.

Department Specific

Effective employee engagement programs rally employees towards a purpose. Implementing department-specific engagement programs is a great way to further career development for employees and allow them to showcase their talents. Inviting employees to attend meet-ups, conferences and webinars specific to their role will also further expand their networks and teach them new skills. The important thing here is to provide employees with the opportunities to become well rounded and successful. For this to be successful, make sure the program resonates with existing company training and goals.


Allow your employees the opportunity to honor the important people in their lives both in and outside of the workplace. Employees can share ideas on how to express thanks, and offer gratitude. Inviting employees to share their personal and work lives is a great way to find out what is important to your employees and strengthen their work community. It’s also a great way to recognize employees!

Environmental Sustainability:

Businesses are finally approaching sustainability and CSR initiatives as need-to-haves, not just nice-to-haves. As consumer demand for sustainable business practices increases, businesses are debunking the myth that pursuing sustainability is a drain on profits. Looking beyond just sustainable product development, integrating sustainability into your employee engagement programs can also increase your bottom line. Here are two examples of sustainability programs you can implement today:

Specific to Insects: Birds, bees, and other insects are the key pollinators in our ecosystem. Over the last decade, we have witnessed a serious decline in the population of pollinators for a whole host of reasons. You can implement a project that raises awareness to environmental challenges. Offer information, and calls to action on how your employees can help have a positive impact.

Specific to the Ocean: World Oceans Day is June 8th. Implementing a project that celebrates the world’s most important resource is a great way to call attention to this day of celebration. Provide your employees with the appropriate information and share ways they can make a difference, such as getting involved in a beach cleanup. 


Encourage civic participation as we head into the 2016 election. Work with your government affairs team and add a few calls to action that highlight how you’re trying to make it easy for employees to have their voice heard. Showing your employees that their voices and ideas are heard is an important part of employee engagement. You can also offer programs centered around ideation, product brainstorming, and bettering your company processes. This is a great way to empower your employees, encourage collaboration and gain valuable insight.

Interested in implementing more projects like these? Please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help.

We always love to hear new ideas. Use the comments to tell us what your favorite employee engagement program is!