Five Employee Engagement Programs for the Summer

It’s finally getting warm in Boston and our team is taking advantage of the weather by going for mind-clearing walks, grabbing lunch from local food trucks and biking or walking to work. Here are five employee engagement programs that you can suggest or implement now that summer is on its way in!

Outdoor Volunteer Event

Neighborhood clean-up, trail clean-up, Habitat for Humanity – the options for outdoor volunteer events are almost endless. Survey your employees to see what times work best for them so you can maximize participation. Whether it’s during the work day, lunch time, after work or a weekend, you’ll be able to find a non-profit that will be happy to get some help and man power behind their efforts.

Steps Challenge

If you have a competitive group of employees, a step challenge is a great way to get employees moving and encourage them to get outside. Employees can compete 1-on-1 against each other, or you can form teams based on department, location, or however you think is best. Keep your leaderboard up to date so that people can see how they rank compared to their competition! Check out these other ways to engage your competitive employees.

The Walking Meeting

For meetings that don’t require a computer or projector, encourage your employees to take walking meetings. Whether it’s around the block or around the office building, taking in the fresh air and new scenery can bring about creativity and new ideas. Manager meetings are also a great time for walking meetings. Separating employees from the office can help them relax and encourage honest and open conversations.

Screen-Free Saturday

You may have missed screen-free week, but you can still encourage employees to partake in their own screen-free Saturday! Five hours of TV watching can use anywhere between 125 to 340 watts of energy, and let’s be honest, you aren’t doing your health or body any favors by watching TV. Encouraging a screen-free Saturday is great 2-for-1 program: sustainability and wellness!

Top Performers Retreat

Identify some of your top performing employees and recognize and reward them with a retreat. It could be something as simple as organizing a BBQ or a full-blown, all-expenses paid vacation. Regardless of your budget, recognizing your best employees for their work can be a huge boost in morale. Encourage great work and motivate others to do the same.

Do you have any employee engagement programs that you’re kicking off for summer?


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