Key Takeaways from Our Sustainable Innovation Webinar

Ever Wonder How to Put Innovation to Work within Your Employee Sustainability Initiatives?

We had the opportunity to cohost a webinar with Joel Makower of GreenBiz to discuss the topic of sustainable innovation. Panelists included our own founder & CEO, Susan Hunt Stevens, Daniel Aronson, Founder of Valutus, and Shanker Sahai, Product Innovative Catalyst, Vistaprint Corporate Solutions. Each panelist brought a unique perspective and contributed thoughtful insights. Ready for the Cliffs Notes version? Here it is!

The big question that we discussed is how are sustainability and innovation connected and why we should care. Daniel Aronson set the scene explaining that because sustainability leaders think differently, they are actually 400% more likely to be innovation leaders. Hunt Stevens discussed how engaging your employees in programs that matter can create big business opportunities. For example a large technology company ran a project on the WeSpire platform inviting employees to share energy saving ideas for the office. One employee suggested changing the protocol for one of their filing processes, and ended up saving his office building over $5k a year. The idea was then shared back through the platform, thus having a substantial company impact, saving the company millions of dollars annually. Sahai tied it together for us, explaining how sustainable innovation can engage employees, empower them, and thus help organizations retain great talent.

Key takeaways from today’s Webinar:

  • Problems are just opportunities to innovate –Shanker Sahai
  • “Millennials are more comfortable sharing innovative ideas and expect their company to do something about it” – Susan Hunt Stevens
  • “There are four types of catalytic change: Intentional, incidental, inertial, and invisible – we need to think beyond intentional” — Daniel Aronson
  • Using tools to “kick people out of the box” returned ideas that were rated 2x as effective & implementable – Daniel Aronson
  • “Fail fast, iterate quickly & always keep the customer voice in mind when building” – Shanker Sahai
  • There are three types of innovation in business core, adjacent, and disruptive – Susan Hunt Stevens

Interested in watching the full webinar? Access it here and learn how corporations leverage WeSpire to align and involve its employees in its corporate environmental goals.