Engage Your Employees in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A recent Gallup study found that 94 percent of employees believe it is important for companies to not just be profitable, but be mindful of their impact on the environment and society. The month of October provides your organization with the opportunity to make a positive impact while further instilling a sense of confidence in your stakeholders.

October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. While education about breast health has increased, there are still many misconceptions about breast cancer. Organizations have the unique opportunity to help educate, engage, and support their employees throughout the month to increase awareness and help support the fight against breast cancer.

Before you build out your breast cancer awareness program there are two things your organization needs to think through in order to ensure program success:

1. How does this breast cancer awareness program align with your organizations mission, vision, and values?

It is important to first clearly define your goals for the program and ensure that it is aligned with your company’s mission. If you’re able to check these two boxes, employees will trust the decision to run the program and are more likely to participate. Once your employees understand how the program maps back to your organizations core values, it will be important to then provide them with actionable opportunities to get involved. You can do this by creating an awareness team, bringing together those employees who are most passionate about breast cancer awareness. Another great way to increase involvement is surveying your employees. Find out how they would like to get involved in this program. Is it through volunteering, online donations, or providing a forum for open discussion and sharing? Successful programming is never a once size fits all, so allow your employees multiple opportunities to get involved and share their support.

2. What channels will you use to communicate with your employees?

You can have the best breast cancer awareness program in the world, but if your employees  don’t know about it, they can’t help you be successful. Think through ways that you can drive awareness and educate your employees. What does an effective communication plan look like at your organization: are you sending out companywide emails? Asking your team leaders to share information during team meetings? Posting information on company bulletins? Or are you counting on employee to employee conversation about your program and upcoming events.  Whatever you decide, make sure your messaging is consistent. Employees are bombarded with information on a daily basis so make your expectations clear and utilize multiple communication channels to guarantee the information is readily available.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the actions we use to engage employees in our Breast Cancer Awareness program.

Breast Cancer Awareness Project