New Case Study: Launching Corporate Initiatives and Maintaining Momentum

Our newest case study demonstrates how Bentall Kennedy, one of North America’s largest real estate investment and services firms, leveraged the WeSpire platform to engage its tenants in its #WeAreAllWildlife campaign with World Wildlife Fund Canada.

Many organizations are looking for ways to bring their sustainability efforts to the next level, by engaging employees, tenants, customers or other individuals. And it’s for good reason:

  • Our recent survey found that 83 percent of employees whose companies have sustainability programs believe their company is a force for good in the world
  • SolarCity reports that 75 percent of consumers would be more likely to buy a product or service if the company is making an effort to be sustainable

Events such as volunteer days and company-wide meetings are often great ways to get employees excited about sustainability programs, but it can be hard to sustain momentum.

Bentall Kennedy faced this potential challenge when launching their campaign with World Wildlife Fund Canada. Intent on making a big splash for the #WeAreAllWildlife campaign launch Bentall Kennedy leveraged their WeSpire platform to educate and encourage tenants to take part in the campaign.

Bentall Kennedy used WeSpire’s event module to send invitations to tenants to register for the event and encourage participation in the launch. Following the event, Bentall Kennnedy and WWF-Canada drove people to the #WeAreAllWildlife campaign through a project on the Bentall Kennedy WeSpire platform. The project shared information about the goals of the campaign and how tenants could get involved. Excitement and buzz about the campaign quickly grew, and Bentall Kennedy’s tenants filled their hallways with conversations about the campaign.

The WeSpire platform is a great way to create a single hub for information regarding a specific sustainability program or initiative. Using the platform, program owners are able to create events, invite employees, communicate important news and educate employees on how they can continue to take positive actions related to those programs.

Download the Case Study to learn more about how Bentall Kennedy leveraged the WeSpire platform for the #WeAreAllWildlife campaign.