WeSpire Customers Reflect on Employee Engagement in 2016

This week, we brought together a few of our customers to reflect on, share and discuss how they are improving employee engagement at their organizations. Here are some of the key takeaways from the call. 

Key takeaway #1: Custom, targeted content is an effective method to engage your diverse workforce.

First, we asked our customers to share an employee engagement initiative that went well in 2016. One of our clients talked about their work to cultivate engineering excellence and further ingrain it into the organization’s culture. They used the WeSpire platform to create a campaign consisting of 16 actions for the engineering team. Half of the actions were related to craftsmanship and the other half encouraged teamwork and collaboration. They kicked the campaign off in Q1 and it’s still going strong into Q4.

Key takeaway #2: Embed your organization’s mission and goals into your employee engagement efforts

Similarly, another client, who is a director of global sustainability at a research and consulting firm, discussed the diverse content her organization hosts on the WeSpire platform. In addition to having 3-4 CSR-focused campaigns, they incorporate one business value campaign. This became increasingly important when the company launched a new, five year strategy this past year. The business value campaigns help employees internalize the strategic transformation and increases the chances of employees finding something on the platform they enjoy.

Key takeaway #3: Collaborate with other departments and offices to gain additional exposure to your programs

A sustainability program manager at a large IT hardware and software company talked about the unique partnership between the sustainability department and the global security office. The global security office ensures employees practice smart cyber security habits, but both departments wanted to talk directly to employees. The two groups now promote each other’s initiatives and have seen strong results to date!

Other clients talked about engaging with leaders at field offices so they feel more connected to their headquarters. By using our technology these companies were able to create cohesive national employee engagement campaigns that were still targeted and specific to each field office location.

We love talking to our customers and hearing about the innovative work they’re doing at their diverse workplaces.

Now it’s your turn! What employee engagement initiative are you most proud of from 2016?