Inspiring Stories Of Gratitude

Research has found that managers who express gratitude in the workplace and recognize their employees have a lower tendency to experience burn out and disengage in their work.

A study by the Journal of Business Ethics found a positive correlation between gratitude and corporate social responsibility. Specifically, employees with stronger gratitude were found to have a greater sense of responsibility toward employee and societal issues. This is no surprise to our team or the pioneering organizations we work with who harness the power of gratitude to engage their diverse workforces.

Many of our clients are taking the season of giving (November and December) to promote gratitude and thankfulness. Using the WeSpire platform employees are encouraged to take two simple actions: share what they are thankful for and thank someone who has helped them.


gratitude story

One of our clients took their gratitude program to the next level by  creating a six-week long campaign called Thankful Thursdays. Each week their employees were encouraged to share what they were grateful for. The campaign was a huge success and their employees looked forward to sharing something each week.
gratitude gratitude

We were so inspired by our clients and users that our team decided to join in on the fun. WeSpire employees members have been sharing what they are thankful for on our internal platform and we’ve brought those messages viral by including them in the nationwide #gratitudechallenge on Twitter.

wespire gratitude social

We welcome and encourage you all to hop on the gratitude bandwagon and join us in this inspiring movement. Use the #GratitudeChallenge and tag us at @goWeSpire!