Improve Employee Engagement With These 4 Resolutions

It may be cliché to create New Years Resolutions, but we like to jump at any opportunity to better our teams, our organization, and ourselves. Here are four resolutions we have committed to trying in 2017, and we hope you do too.

1. Establish a weekly goal for your team

Studies show employees who are working towards achieving their goals are more motivated and engaged in their work. Providing a realistic team goal, such as completing a project in x amount of days, will not only unite your team, but it will encourage cross collaboration and increase social interaction, all factors that help improve engagement.

2. Practice gratitude

At the end of 2016 we explored the benefits of expressing gratitude and reported that it leads to higher levels of attentiveness, enthusiasm, and determination. It also can strengthen relationships and increase self-esteem. These employee characteristics lead to more productive and engaged employees.

3. Pursue and provide more professional development opportunities

A survey done by BetterBuys found employees who had access to professional development programs were 15 percent more engaged in their jobs than workers without similar opportunities.

The types of perks employees want has changed a bit over the past few years. Employees, millennials especially, are looking for jobs that provide them with professional development opportunities and exposure to a wide variety of skills to help them grow and advance their careers, both personally and professionally.

4. Commit to Sustainability

Cone Communications found that 77 percent of employees want their employers to provide them with hands-on activities around environmental responsibility.

If your organization already has sustainability goals in place then you’re ahead of the game. Find creative ways to involve employees in office wide recycling challenges, organize a volunteer day-of-service, or share sustainability tips over coffee breaks!

Even if your organization doesn’t have a company wide mission towards sustainability you can still create goals for your team and engage them in your efforts.

If you’re looking to kick your sustainability efforts up a notch, reach out to us. We’d love to hear more about your organization’s sustainability goals, and provide you the help and resources needed to achieve them.