WeSpire Employee Spotlight: Anna Wendt

Any great organization requires purpose driven people working together to fulfill that organization’s mission and vision. At WeSpire we are extremely fortunate to have a number of amazing teammates, all working to bring purpose to employees at companies large and small around the world.

Each month we like to shine the spotlight on one member of the WeSpire team, giving you a peek into the remarkable workforce behind our award winning employee engagement platform.

Please say Hello to Anna Wendt, our newest WeSpire Customer Success Co-Op.

Q: What are the top five most-used apps on your phone?

Snapchat, Instagram, Fitbit, Facebook, Spotify

Q: Favorite Song and why?

Do I Make You Wanna by Billy Currington. It’s a really catchy song!

Anna Wendt WeSpireQ: What do you appreciate most about your childhood?

I really appreciate how close my family was when I was growing up. My parents, two siblings and I are all still really close now.

Q: Tell us about your favorite teacher/coach/adult figure growing up. Why did they inspire you then, and what have you realized about them now?

My AP environmental science teacher, who I had during my senior of high school, opened my eyes to the field of environmental studies. Because of this teacher, I chose to study marketing and finance with a minor in sustainable business, and I’m dedicated to working for a sustainable business or business that makes a positive impact on the environment. Regardless of my career path, this teacher gave me a better understanding of how I, as an individual, can reduce, re-use and recycle to make the world a little more sustainable.

Q: You have to go on vacation for two weeks, all expenses paid. Where to?

Nantucket. I go there every year with my family and it’s my favorite place in the world. We’ve been going there as a family since 2000 and it’s our one week a year getaway. Sometimes we go with family friends or other family members. Regardless of our company, it’s our time to relax, unplug and enjoy the warm weather and the beach.

 Q: What’s the best Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) you ever heard of, and whose was it? (examples, for inspiration)

JFK’s Moon Challenge: While this is an old example, I think the psychology behind it is intriguing. This was partially a competition between the US and Russia, but I think that at the time, I lot of people were skeptical about what science could accomplish and don’t trust the data in a way that they trust a human being. I believe that achieving that goal opened up more doors in science and it also gave a lot of children some new dreams!

Q: What’s your favorite new vocabulary word?

They’re not new words, but I’ve been throwing Italian words, like ciao, into my vocabulary. I studied abroad in Rome and just returned a month or so ago. It can’t hurt to bring a little bit of Italy into my everyday vocabulary!

Q: What’s your favorite meal you made recently?

I made an Italian dish, Caccio e Pepe, for my roommates and I and added sautéed kale. It was SO good.

Q: Signature cocktail?

Margarita. On the rocks.

Q: Ideal date night?

Depending on the season it would either be going to an amusement park or going ice skating.

Q: What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

On a perfect day, I would wake up around 10:00 in the morning, and then head out to meet my friends for brunch. Afterward, I would just walk around and explore Boston. Maybe I’d go shopping on Newbury or at least window shopping, and then walk around the Boston Common. I’d then head home, make myself dinner, get together with friends and then go out to a bar – preferably a country bar.

Q: If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?

I’d want to be a dog. Life would be so easy! You run around and sleep – my dog sleeps all day. Also, everyone loves you!

 Q: If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

I would want willpower to stop myself from eating all of the delicious snacks at WeSpire!

Q: Favorite thing about working at WeSpire?

The people! It’s a welcoming environment, which as a new person, is super helpful.

#Throwback Mad Libs Style:

Anna Wendt was born in Burlington, VT. She launched her career at WeSpire just over a week ago.  She joined WeSpire because she is passionate about what we do here, engaging people around topics like sustainability and health and wellness. In her spare time, she likes to bake, hang out with friends and watch Boston sports teams. Her colleagues at WeSpire have no idea that she loves ice hockey!