Customer Spotlight: NRG Energy

The work that our customers do and the innovative ways they inspire their workforce continue to electrify us. One of our customers, NRG Energy, has an amazing story of interdepartmental collaboration using the WeSpire platform.NRG is the leading integrated power company in the United States, and a Fortune 200 company. Its WeSpire platform, branded as InspireMeNRG, is used primarily to engage its employees in the company’s sustainability efforts. In 2016, the sustainability department at NRG had a goal to involve employee engagement group owners from additional departments in the InspireMeNRG platform.

The human resources and sustainability teams ended up engaging in conversations around how to use the WeSpire platform to promote the company’s new professional development campaign. The human resources department felt that the sustainability team had a valuable communication tool in InspireMeNRG. Specifically, they were attracted to the platform’s ability to engage and reward employees for taking specific actions.

One of the goals of the professional development campaign at NRG was to have employees fill out their profiles on the new Human Capital Management system. In the end, NRG saw a 15 percent boost in profile completions and nearly 3,000 actions were taken related to the professional development campaign. These actions included reading materials about the learning and development options available to them, exploring new features of the human capital management system, learning about the company’s mission, vision and values, and more.

Read the full case study today to learn:

  • The three elements of success for this campaign
  • Details on how they used the WeSpire platform to support the campaign
  • How the sustainability department benefited from this campaign

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