Six CSR Campaigns You'll Fall In Love With

Today is all about celebrating love. Make your employees fall even more in love with their jobs with these six swoon-worthy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns available on the WeSpire platform.

Food Full Circle

This campaign encourages employees to take simple steps towards healthy and sustainable eating, by encouraging them to share recipes, volunteer at food banks in their local community and bring out the rich food cultures of your diverse workforce.

Why we love it: Food has an amazing way of bringing people together!

21 Day Habit Challenge

Make it easy for your employees to make new, healthy habits. Employees are asked to share a habit they’d like to form or break and then are held accountable to take, or not take, that action for 21 days straight. This campaign encourages good habit formation or bad habit breaking based on what the employee is hoping to achieve.

Why we love it: Employees support each other in reaching their goals, and it holds employees accountable for the habits they’re trying to make or break.

Community Bulletin

Looking for a way to capture and share the ongoing conversations your employees are having? Implement a campaign like this to provide an opportunity for employees to communicate with each other about their personal lives and interests. Employees are constantly looking for outlets to socialize, gain trusted feedback and truly become a part of their community. It also provides you with insight into your workforces’ interests better equipping you for new campaign content down the line.

Why we love it: It gives employees a chance to share their personal interests with their colleagues and connect on a deeper level.


This campaign is all about getting out in the community and helping to make the world a better place. It’s a great way to tie volunteer opportunities back to your company mission, strengthen your company culture, and further engage your employees.

**Be sure to provide employees with multiple ways to get involved, so they can choose causes they care most about, during times that work best for their hectic schedules.

Why we love it: Volunteer opportunities provide employees with the sense of purpose they so desire, and allow them to connect with people who share in their passions.


The simple act of saying thank you for what we’re grateful for magnifies positive emotions, allows us to celebrate the present and also blocks toxic, negative emotions. Inspire employees to share a comment about someone or something that they are thankful for and continue to promote a positive working environment.

Why we love it: Expressing gratitude is a simple act that can truly move the needle on creating a more positive company culture.

The Active 150

The American Heart Association advises that individuals should try to be active for at least thirty minutes a day, five times a week. This campaign is centered around helping employees achieve that standard on their own terms. Implement this campaign to encourage employees to share what they did, to get active, while inspiring other employees to get involved.

Why we love it: Supporting your employees in achieving their health and well-being goals not only improves your employees’ lives, it can be a huge cost saving for your organization.    

Does your organization have a swoon-worthy CSR campaign? We’d love to hear about it.