Customer Spotlight: Spier Wine Farm, A Sustainability Engagement Success Story

The work that our customers do and the innovative ways they inspire their staff never ceases to amaze us. One of our customers, Spier Wine Farm, has an amazing story about fostering a culture of sustainability and engaging their staff in purposeful work.

Spier is one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms, deeply committed to delivering farm to table food and highly acclaimed wines. In addition to producing delicious provisions, Spier is dedicated to helping solve some of the world’s most pressing issues through various social development, conservation, social justice, and environmental programs. In addition to being organically and fair trade in tourism certified, Spier is one of 29 World Wildlife Fund Conservation Champions, which means they are fully committed to striking a balance between nature and farming.

Spier Farm Workers

The Challenge

Sustainability is deeply rooted in Spier’s rich history, culture, and operational processes, but they wanted to take it even further. The Spier team was interested in finding a way to engage their staff and keep them informed of company-wide sustainability initiatives.

Elements of Success

1. Culture

Spier has always been focused and committed to sustainability and made sure it was embedded throughout their company. This has allowed them to foster a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who care about making an impact on the world around them. Based on Spier’s commitments and initiatives, WeSpire was a natural fit for their company.

Spier has implemented and customized Campaigns on the WeSpire platform that engage staff members with the company’s mission. Staff members are able to socialize, take action, motivate each other, and educate themselves on some of the area’s most pressing issues.

Heidi Newton-King echoed saying, “The platform gives our staff the opportunity to learn from each other and creates a stronger sense of community.”

Spier has also been able to leverage the Events module of the WeSpire platform to better communicate and promote their sustainability and volunteering events.

2. Leadership

Heidi Newton-King, Spier’s Sustainability and Human Resources Director, is WeSpire’s champion program owner. Heidi has been a huge driver of the success of the platform since they first launched. Heidi is passionate about her role and making an impact, and has carefully curated the content on the WeSpire platform to reinforce Spier’s mission, vision, and values.

3. Relevant Content

Heidi and her team thoughtfully built and executed an innovative, on the ground launch strategy to help staff understand the connection and importance of their new digital arm, WeSpire. The Spier team worked closely with our customer success team to build custom Campaigns and events on the platform that resonate with their diverse staff. The Campaigns and actions on the platform act as reinforcement to the company’s mission, giving staff an outlet and opportunity to bring them to life.

Allan Action

While Spier’s initial use of the WeSpire platform was focused on environmental sustainability, the team has begun to expand their content to include well-being and volunteering. Both are proving to be very effective methods for maintaining high levels of engagement and activity on the platform.

Joylene Actions


With a year one goal of rolling out the WeSpire platform to 157 staff members, in less than nine months they’re already seventy-five percent of the way there. In this time span, Spier staff members have also already given over 189 hours of their own time to volunteer for various causes. Spier also has the third highest monthly active user rate out of all WeSpire customers, which is extremely impressive for a company whose staff does not have universal access to computers, mobile devices, and wifi.

By using the WeSpire platform, Spier has continued to enrich its culture of sharing, volunteering, and positive impact. This has only strengthened the Spier community and sense of pride staff members have for their company. The company’s employee NPS score is 70. Some comments from staff members include:

“So many opportunities, so many helping hands. I never thought that I would be a Facilities administrator in my life, that is how blessed I am and that is what Spier can do for you.”

“No other company allows you to be yourself like Spier does.”

“Spier is an incredibly amazing place to work. The ethos of Spier & the Values are incredibly inspiring.”

It is incredibly rewarding to work with a company and team as passionate as Spier and we look forward to celebrating our year one anniversary this June.