WeSpire Opens its Doors to NewCo Boston Participants

This past week, WeSpire participated in the Boston NewCo Festival, where we opened our doors to talk to a group of forward-thinking leaders about developing positive impact programs that engage employees and deliver measurable results.

NewCo is an organization that celebrates purpose-driven businesses. First piloted as an in-person event in San Francisco, NewCo has evolved to include city-specific festivals around the world, as well as a variety of digital publications.

We were excited to participate in Boston’s NewCo festival for the second year in a row, along with 88 other mission-driven, Boston companies. In our session, we shared our proprietary framework for creating successful and engaging positive impact programs, called the Four C’s Framework.

We shared this framework at the ACCP conference in March to a group of corporate responsibility and corporate philanthropy professionals, but we were excited to share it with employees who experience their companies’ positive impact programs and are passionate about developing mission-driven companies.

Our guests were eager to engage in thought-provoking conversations and asked great questions. Some of our guests commented that they saw a lot of grassroots organizing at their organizations, where employees are empowered to coordinate positive impact programs together – but there didn’t seem to be a larger corporate or executive sponsorship. Others commented that their executive teams were extremely passionate and supportive of positive impact programs at work – but it wasn’t being measured or fully incorporated into the business.

These challenges – while frustrating – are not foreign to us. Using the Four C’s framework to reflect on your organization’s maturity when it comes to positive impact programs is the first step to improvement. From there you can begin to tackle each of the the Four C’s in the order that feels most natural based on your strengths and your company’s culture. If you don’t feel like any of the Four C’s are in place at your organization, we recommend starting with Commit. Identify what causes and initiatives are important to your business and gain the consensus and buy-in from the top of the organization.

WeSpire applies this methodology to help our customers identify where their strengths lie within the 4 C’s framework. From there we can help them create a tailored strategy, utilizing the WeSpire platform as well as other available resources, to build out the areas that they’re lacking in.

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