Get me to the Green. Green Actions for Everyone.

For some, making sustainable choices comes naturally, but for many, it takes a bit more effort and lots of discipline. This Earth Month we’ve compiled a list of environmentally friendly habits you can work to form, ranging from simple to complex. No matter where you are in your “green journey” there are actions you can take.

Level 1: Green Thumb

If you are just beginning your journey to a greener life, or are looking to get back to the basics, start with these simple modifications to your daily routine. Remember small changes can go a long way.

1. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth

This simple act can save millions of gallons of water each year. Start by making yourself aware, from there you can set daily goals, slowly but surely forming this new habit.

2. Turn your computer and monitor off at the end of the day

Not only will you be saving energy, but it will help extend the battery and life of your computer. Bonus points if you do this action both at home and at work.

3. Buy a new houseplant

Houseplants can be a great additional source of oxygen for your home while also helping to purify the air around you.

4. Skip the printing

With the advancement of technology, you can use file hosting sites and collaboration tools to share important documents without any physical paper. However, if you must print, print double-sided.

Level 2: Eco-Friendly-ish

You are well on your way by now, but see if you can take it to the next level! If you are up for a bit of a challenge, try these eco-friendly actions to up your greening game.

5. Paperless billing

Pay all of your bills online and opt out of paper billing. This will help to reduce waste, paper usage and the cost of postage.

6. Put your pool cover on when you aren’t using it

This will keep your pool clean and leaf/bug-free, but it will also help prevent the water from evaporating from the sun, saving you water and money.

7. Only buy organic or fair-trade coffee

While some large coffee chains are catching on to this trend, a lot of your local coffee shops have been doing this for quite some time. Show your support for your favorite local shop while also supporting coffee farms around the world.

8. Join or start a green team at work

Your company may already have a green team or an ERG centered around sustainability, ask around and find out how you can get involved. Don’t worry if your company doesn’t have one yet, you can lead the charge in forming a new group.

Level 3: Environmentalist

At this point, your friends and family may refer to you as the ultimate greenie!.We already know you are up for the challenge, but are you ready to make these sustainable commitments?

9. Upgrade your appliances to Energy Star qualified models

You may experience more of an upfront cost than other models, but the long-term cost and energy savings are worth it.

10. Install solar panels

Curious if your home is solar panel compatible, check out this cool new resource from Google: Project Sunroof.

11. Sell your car

Public transportation options are available almost anywhere nowadays, and with the growing popularity of ride-sharing and remote work, the need for your own vehicle is diminishing. Afraid to take the leap? Try going an entire month without using your car, if you don’t miss it, it may be time to sell.