Positive Business Practices for Everyone

This week our Marketing Manager, Kristen Carlson, is attending Michigan Ross’s Positive Business Conference to learn, network, and celebrate positive business initiatives with other innovative leaders. She will also have the opportunity to attend an exclusive reception to celebrate the honorable mention we received for our Positive Business Project.

The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business defines positive business as “the idea that businesses can and should create not just economic value, but also offer great places to work, be good neighbors, and help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

To help identify, study, celebrate, and spread positive business in organizations of all types Ross Michigan created the Positive Business Project.

What Does Positive Business Look Like At Our Organization

At WeSpire, we talk about positive business a lot, especially when it comes to helping to build a better working world. What we’ve found is that positivity, in the form of employee recognition can go a long way in building a positive culture and business.

One of the positive business projects that we’re most proud of is the recognition feature, called Kudos, that we built for the WeSpire platform. The Kudos feature gives employees the ability to publicly recognize each other in a professional and social manner. Everyone at the company, from interns all the way up to the CEO, can use the Kudos feature to recognize their coworkers for a job well done.

When an employee is recognized, a post is created on the platform’s dashboard for all to see. Employees are able to comment and “like” the post, further helping to build a recognition-rich culture among employees. The Kudos feature empowers employees to communicate, share and publicly recognize the amazing work that their colleagues do every day.

This tool has provided the organizations we work with numerous opportunities to celebrate individual, team and company victories no matter how small, and shine a light on all of the great work their teams and employees do.

Last year alone, our Kudos feature was the most used feature on our entire platform.

What Can Positive Business Look Like At Your Organization

If there’s one thing we like to tell folks who are thinking about creating a recognition program, it’s to start small and don’t overthink it. You don’t have to have a big-budget recognition program in order to build a recognition-rich culture. Give executives or team members opportunities to recognize each other during team meetings, company-wide meetings or via email. All it takes is a few people to get the ball rolling, and from there the positivity is contagious. Make recognition a habit of your own, and others will start to adopt it as well.