WeSpire Employee Spotlight: Hannah Byron

Any great organization requires purpose driven people working together to fulfill that organization’s mission and vision. At WeSpire we are extremely fortunate to have a number of amazing teammates, all working to bring purpose to employees at companies large and small around the world.

Each month we like to shine the spotlight on one member of the WeSpire team, giving you a peek into the remarkable workforce behind our award winning employee engagement platform.

Please say Hello to one of our newest team members, Hannah Byron, one of our marketing interns, with whom I had the pleasure of sitting down for this special spotlight interview.

Kristen: What are the top five most-used apps on your phone?

Hannah: Mail, Calendar, Weather, Instagram, Snapchat

Kristen: Favorite song and why?

Hannah: Somewhere Only We Know, by Keane. It’s a song that you can listen to regardless of the mood you’re in. The song can be sentimental, sad, or even a feel-good song. Somehow it manages to relate to an array of emotions. 

Kristen: You have to go on vacation for two weeks, all expenses paid. Where

Hannah: Hmm, probably to New Zealand. My best friend is there right now and I haven’t seen her since January. Also, it looks absolutely beautiful.

Kristen: Do you prefer sweet, or savory?

Hannah: Sweet

Kristen: What’s your signature dessert?

Hannah: Right now, because it’s summer nad has been a hundred degrees, it’s ice cream. My go-to is mint chocolate chip.

Kristen: What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

Hannah: It depends on the season, but fall is my favorite. In the fall I’m in school at Ithaca College, so I’d want to wake up at a decent hour, go to the gym, and then go to the farmers market where I could eat a ridiculous amount of yummy food with friends. Afterward, I’d go to the gorges to do some hiking and swimming, and then maybe lay out on the quad or go back to one of our apartments for a cookout before a night out on the town.

Kristen: If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

Hannah: Patience. 100%.

Kristen: What do you appreciate most about your childhood?

Hannah: The neighborhood that I grew up in was amazing. I grew up literally sharing a backyard with my best friend. We made this plan to build a swimming pool between our yards that was half in mine and the other half in hers. Unfortunately, our parents weren’t big fans of that idea! Living so close to them, my friend’s family became like a second family to mine. We’re always walking into each other’s houses to borrow baking ingredients, to have coffee on Sunday mornings, or just to say hi!

Kristen: What’s your ideal pet?

Hannah: I’m such a Goldendoodle person!

Kristen: Did you have a favorite teacher or role model growing up?

Hannah: Yes, my high school chorus teacher, Ms.Killian, who is currently the director of performing arts. She was my go-to resource for help with drama and chorus but was also always there to vent to and talk to about life or any personal problems. She was always there for me and so many other students and she made my high school experience what it was.

Kristen: What’s a favorite meal that you cooked recently?

Hannah: The other night my mom and I made Caprese salad. It was perfect. Light and easy, delish!

Kristen: Coffee or tea?

Hannah: A hundred percent, coffee.

Kristen: Favorite thing about working at WeSpire, so far?

Hannah: I didn’t know much about WeSpire previously, but as I’ve learned more about it I love the positive impact it has on the community. Also, my coworkers really make coming into the office something to look forward to. The company has created such a happy, positive workplace environment, which makes sense given that that’s what they’re trying to help their customers accomplish!

Hannah grew up in Reading, MA. She began her internship at WeSpire just a few weeks ago. She joined WeSpire because she wants to use her degree in Communications to make a positive impact and admires how WeSpire’s values focus on bettering people and the earth. In her spare time, she enjoys going to Crane’s Beach, testing out new local restaurants, and having cookouts with family and friends. Her colleagues at WeSpire have no idea that she has a habit of bursting int song mid-conversation!