Top 6 SDG, Employee Engagement, and CSR Articles of 2017

As we begin the second half of 2017, we thought we’d share some of the most impactful articles and reports the first half of the year had to offer. Let’s face it, a lot has happened in just a short period of time.  

Here is our list of the articles and reports from this year that we’ve found most interesting. We hope that you find them to be inspirational and educational.

The Sustainable Development Goals

In January 2016 the Sustainable Development Goals came into full effect. Businesses around the world continue to develop strategies to progress forward and help achieve the 17 goals.

Global eSustainability Initiative and Accenture Strategy Joint Report

The SDGs are complex and ambitious. The use of efficient and effective technology is going to be pivotal to their success. Learn how digital solutions have the potential to combat several different issues addressed by the SDGs.

Make It Your Business: Engaging With The Sustainable Development Goals PWC Report

Working towards achieving the SDGs is something everyone can participate in. Find out how businesses are committing themselves to the SDGs by focusing on goals they feel they can directly impact. Think about the impact your company has and how you can commit yourself to the SDGs at work!

Employee Engagement

We are happy to see businesses continue to invest in, and value, their employee engagement programs, as they experience the benefits of having engaged employees.

The Right Culture: Not About Employee Happiness

While it’s great to have happy employees, happiness is not what leads to improved business outcomes. Tangible improvements are seen in businesses with employees that are engaged and feel that their work has a purpose.

How Managers Drive Results and Employee Engagement at the Same Time

Results and engaged employees don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Learn what skills and best practices you can use to drive both results and employee engagement!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Employees continue to seek employers that value CSR and understand the impact that they, as a company, have on the world and their communities.

Environmental Leader: Want to Retain Top Employees? Improve CSR Efforts, Survey Says

CSR practices result in positive outcomes and strengthened relationships with both your customers and your employees.

Why Millennials Want More Than Just Work: The Importance of Your ‘Double Bottom Line’

Millennials comprise a large percentage of the top talent companies are looking to recruit and retain. Whether you are a large corporation or a tech start-up, strong CSR practices are key in helping you bring millennials on board.

Is there another article or report you think is important? Share it, we’d love to read it!