WeSpire Employee Spotlight: Olivia D'Angelo

Any great organization requires purpose driven people working together to fulfill that organization’s mission and vision. At WeSpire, we are extremely fortunate to have a number of amazing teammates, all working to bring purpose to employees at companies, large and small, around the world.

Every once in awhile we like to shine the spotlight on one member of the WeSpire team and give you a peek into the remarkable workforce behind our award winning employee engagement platform.

Please say Hello to one of our newest team members, Olivia D’Angelo, our Customer Success Intern, whom I had the pleasure of sitting down with for this special spotlight interview.

Hannah: What are the top 5 most-used apps on your phone?

Olivia: Insight Timer (a meditation timer), Aaptiv (a fitness app), Snapchat, Google Calendar, and Spotify.

Hannah: Favorite song and why?

Olivia: I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers because I really like their style of music and the song is about self-improvement, so it’s very easy to run or workout to.

Hannah: If you were in charge, what would you fix?

Olivia: I would improve the U.S. food system and try to make more connections between farmers and retail locations. I feel like there is a disconnect between people who grow the food and people who bring it to consumers.

Hannah: Do you prefer sweet or savory?

Olivia: Savory!

Hannah: What’s your favorite way to save money?

Olivia: I like the site “” because it allows me to do yoga at home for free!

Hannah: What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

Olivia: I would do something active, like go on a hike, where I would feel accomplished. After, I would make dinner with friends and go to a small live music venue with them.

Hannah: If you were to die and come back as a different person, who would it be?

Olivia: Dan Barber! He was featured on the show Chef’s Table and he has a collegiate background in English and Writing, but he became a Chef. He’s really focused on making sustainable food that is appealing to everyone. He’s the chef at the restaurant called Blue Hill Stone Barns in New York City!

Hannah: What is your dream job?

Olivia: Well, I want to be a data scientist. But more specifically, I want to have a job where I can do analysis, but also be outside and do something in nature or on a farm.

Hannah: What’s your favorite quote/mantra?

Olivia: I really like the This Is Water essay by David Foster Wallace. He used it in a commencement speech about living a compassionate life and I remember watching that after I graduated college and wishing I had a commencement speech like that.

Hannah: What’s your ideal pet?

Olivia: I just want a giant Bernese Mountain Dog, but I’m allergic!

Hannah: Who is your role model and why?

Olivia: I really like Amy Poehler because she is obviously very funny and smart, but she is also very self-reflective. Her Kaitlin skit from SNL is one of my all time favorites.

Hannah: What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

Olivia: I feel strongly about certain things, like food additives, reading food labels, and antibiotics, but I don’t feel like there’s anything that can’t be joked about.

Hannah: Favorite place and why?

Olivia: Parque Patagonia. I was there last year with my best friend and it was a really life changing and cool trip. It is one of the new parks that the founders of Patagonia opened and there have only been a couple hundred people who have visited. It was a very adventurous experience!

Hannah: What was your motivation for joining WeSpire?

Olivia: I definitely wanted to get involved in a company that has sustainability values and I loved the idea that there could be a project that impacts these habits on a larger scale.

Mad lib bio:

Olivia D’Angelo hails from Glastonbury, Connecticut. She began working at WeSpire a short month ago to hone her data analytics skills and learn more about working with large data sets at a company who emphasizes the importance of sustainability. In her spare time, you can find Olivia reading, cooking, eating at new restaurants, and checking out neighborhood live music. Her colleagues at WeSpire have no idea that her childhood dream was to live in an R.V. with 50 dogs and travel the country.