Working With A Purpose

This summer, WeSpire had two interns working in the marketing department. These interns had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing, but also about employee engagement and purposeful work. We asked them to reflect on what this internship has taught them, here’s what they have to say.


Before beginning this summer internship, I knew nothing about employee engagement initiatives, HR technologies, or what the term corporate social responsibility meant. After working at WeSpire for 3 months, I have come to appreciate and admire how my generation expects wellbeing, sustainability, and social impact to be integrated into the workplace.

I have had numerous discussions with many of my older family members and friends’ parents about what “employee engagement” means to them. Some see a strong need for it in their workplace, however, some consider employee engagement to be a “trend” and don’t fully understand it. But I have a hard time understanding why people would not want to be excited and gratified by the work we spend 40+ hours doing every week. Why not work AND feel like you have a greater purpose in what you are doing with 30+ years of your life?

WeSpire taught me just how important purpose in the workplace is. Yes, we have Mario Kart in the office. Yes, we often get free lunches. However, these components of my internship are not what I consider “purpose” — they are perks. I found “purpose” in this internship by being included in all team meetings and client calls, being given permission to independently manage social media accounts, and having managers who are committed to helping me grow personally and professionally.

As a rising college junior who will enter the workforce in two years, I often hear the term “corporate America” associated with my future career. Before my internship at WeSpire, I wasn’t entirely sure what a “corporate” job would look like. But after seeing the amazing work that WeSpire’s corporate clients are doing to engage their employees in purposeful ways, I am optimistic about the positive impact that corporations can have on society. WeSpire not only taught me what purposeful work means, it showed me what it means to work for a purpose-driven business.


As a double major in environmental science and political science, with absolutely no interest in field work and data collection, I finished my freshman year of college feeling uncertain. I had no idea how in three years I was going to turn this into a career path that would bring me success and happiness. I started the summer with a marketing internship at WeSpire excited to gain work experience, but wary that I wouldn’t be happy working in a business setting. I thought working a “typical” 9-5 job meant I wouldn’t be able to do work that made a positive impact on the environment and for social well-being. Spending the summer at WeSpire showed me just how wrong I was.

Interning at WeSpire has taught me that purposeful and fulfilling work can be done in a business setting. As the creators of a technology platform that engages employees in positive business campaigns, WeSpire practices what they preach. Working for and investing my time and effort into a company with a product and mission that are aligned with my own personal values has felt good. I feel that my work has had a purpose and is part of a greater effort to better the world.

At WeSpire I’ve learned about the power, resources, and talent that large corporations have to make a positive change in the world.  I’ve experienced this on a small scale at WeSpire. Knowing that my employers and co-workers understand their social and environmental impact has been key in making my internship a positive experience. It’s also been inspiring to see every employee’s passion to build a technology that helps companies design, run and measure positive impact programs for their employees. Overall, the experience of working closely with this hardworking team has opened my eyes to the amazing things that businesses are doing to improve the world.