Three Reasons to Take the Evolution of Employee Engagement Survey

We just launched our annual employee engagement research study, but we need YOUR help!

We’ll cut to the chase: we need you to take the survey and want you to share it with as many people as you can. We want to get as many respondents to this year’s survey as possible, so that we can create a valuable and insightful report for you.

1. This is the 8th year this research will be conducted, and each and every year we’ve seen fascinating trends in the research, such as these statistics from the 2016 report:

  • 80 percent of unengaged workers say their employer does not have an official engagement strategy
  • 83 percent of employees whose companies offer sustainability programs believe their company makes a positive impact in the world

Personally, I’m excited to learn more about how specific programs affect employee engagement and company perception.

2. You’ll get a FREE copy of the report as soon as its available. Arming yourself with data and trends will help you understand where your organization stands compared to others in your industry. You’ll gain a clearer idea of the areas you need to get to work on and for which you should be patting yourself on the back.

3. Employee engagement is a critical measurement for today’s businesses. If you’re not measuring this and thinking about how you can influence your employees’ level of engagement, you’re putting your organization at risk for losses in productivity and retention.

PLEASE take our survey! The survey is 100% anonymous. We look forward to sharing the results with you.

Are you an employee? Are you in engaged in your work? Take The Evolution of Employee Engagement 2017 Survey and tell us about your workplace experience.