We provide technology-based engagement programs to inspire employees for measurable impact.

A pioneer in positive behavior change, WeSpire (formerly known as Practically Green) develops persuasive technology - combining dynamic content, social levers, and gamification to capture people’s imagination and produce meaningful results. We help companies accomplish critical business goals to spur innovation, growth, and revenues.

Meet our Founder and thought-leader, Susan Hunt Stevens.

In 2006 Susan Hunt Stevens, a long-time digital media executive steeped in running large consumer sites, was prompted by her son’s food and environmental allergies to research what adopting a green lifestyle would entail. In the process, she completed a graduate program in sustainable design and learned about LEED®, a green building certification program.

Wondering why there wasn’t a LEED for people, Susan was inspired in 2010 to found WeSpire with the mission of enabling informed sustainable choices through the use of technology. Influenced by the behavior design models of BJ Fogg of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab and Dr. Robert Cialdini, the company soon became the platform of choice for businesses seeking an innovative approach to meet their corporate sustainability and responsibility goals.

Expanding sustainable choice and positive change.

Originally launched to consumers, a growing number of companies started using WeSpire for employee and customer engagement. In 2013, we completely rebuilt our core platform to focus on this rapidly growing demand. Among its new attributes are a scalable and customizable web and mobile app, enhanced customization options, and robust metrics and measurement tools which connect the business benefit – in financial terms – to the impact of actions taken.

Environment is at the core of sustainability, but sustainability also includes health, citizenship, responsibility, and other positive impacts that businesses – and people – can have. To ensure our brand reflected both the core mission and the broader definition of sustainability, Practically Green was renamed WeSpire in 2014.

By engaging the power of employees, WeSpire is helping businesses lower cost, accelerate innovation and meet their sustainability goals.

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