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Harness the Power of Behavioral Science Technology

A Configurable Content Library—Run Customized or ‘As Is’

Employee engagement is at record lows—13% according to perennial engagement survey leader Gallup. WeSpire Behavior Project Library (BPL) enables enterprises to mobilize their workforce around sustainable initiatives by delivering dynamic, personalized content, when they’re most likely to take interest and action.

WeSpire’s BPL draws upon the most innovative behavior science technology that are continually tested and verified across millions of employee actions. Our behavioral science insights are drawn from millions of observations gathered across 20+ months of program experience, giving us a unique perspective on how people identify with company directives and interact with their coworkers and employers.

Your employees will be motivated and engaged, triggered by:

  • Relevant Timing: Content is delivered when an employee perceives a need that they can personally identify with
  • Actionable Content: Content is simple, focused and instruct the user on how to take action
  • Variety & Intrigue: Employees are prompted with intended actions that are enticing and elicit curiosity

WeSpire BPL leverages user interests and preferences to deliver thoughtful, interesting, and actionable content which motivates them to actively and collectively contribute towards specific businesses initiatives.

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