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The Authenticity of Corporate Social Responsibility

Not every positive impact program is created equal. The truth is that some programs have higher levels of engagement, resonate with stakeholders more and have a bigger impact. The most important success factors are trust and authenticity.

Women In Technology

Women Are Taking The Tech Industry By Storm

Reshma Saujani, Founder of the non-profit “Girls Who Code,” has one inspiring mission, close the gender gap in technology, and she is doing exactly that.

non-office employees

Employee Engagement for All

Many organizations have developed in-office programs to improve employee engagement levels, but what about the two thirds of all U.S. employees who don’t work in offices?


The Importance of Employee Personas, Part 2

We’re hearing more HR leaders talk about the importance of employee personas. To help you develop your organization’s own personas, we’ve put together this simple 3-step plan.

you can't sit with us

You Can’t Sit With Us

“You can’t sit with us,” this infamous line from the movie “Mean Girls,” while crass, may have been forecasting a trend, much bigger than the pun originally planned.

employee personas

The Importance of Employee Personas, Part 1

Marketing has been creating buyer personas for years. Now, cutting edge HR organizations are developing employee personas.

Summer Employee Engagement

Keep Your Employees Motivated During the Summer Months

Sweet summertime. These fleeting months are filled with vacations, days at the beach or by the pool and late night BBQs – but where does work fit in when it comes to your employees’ summer priorities?

Deal with stress

How You Can Help Your Employees Deal with Stress

Watching the news has never been for the light of heart, over the past few weeks though, it has been much more difficult than usual.

Matt Stanton

WeSpire Employee Spotlight: Matt Stanton

Any great organization requires purpose driven people working together to fulfill that organization’s mission and vision. At WeSpire we are extremely fortunate to have a number of amazing teammates, all working to bring purpose to employees at companies large and small around the world.


Business Leaders Discuss Millennials’ Impact in the Workplace

Earlier this month we asked a group of business leaders from a variety of industries, to share their thoughts on our blog post, 10 Things Millennials Look for in an Employer.