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Survey Says: Gratitude Is An Important Habit

A few weeks ago, we asked you to take our survey gratitude. Here’s what you told us.

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Recognition vs. Rewards vs. Gratitude: What The Science Says, Part I

The evidence showing the positive impact that recognition and gratitude have on people, and business outcomes, is compelling.


Take Our Gratitude Survey!

We’ve been talking a lot about gratitude this month, but what do you think about the topic? Take our five question survey and let us know!


10 Environmentally Friendly Actions Everyone Will Want to Take

Some people may be more interested in environmental sustainability than others, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t do their part when it comes to corporate sustainability efforts. 


Money Talks: Good Energy Change

One quick way to change behavior is to present an airtight business case for doing so. This is happening all over the place on renewable energy.

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3 Key Insights on How to NOT Be Disruptive with Your Employee Engagement Strategy

The world’s best tech startup designers might not ordinarily reach for the Wall Street Journal for inspiration, but today is an exception.

Happiness at Work

Happy Work, Happy Life

“People are redefining the workplace. Previously we thought work was hell and leisure was great. That is just silly. Work can – and should be – a source of happiness, if workplaces are designed right.” John Helliwell, co-editor of The World Happiness Report

Why Weekend

6 Ways to Weekend Well and Be (Even More) Productive During the Week

It might sound crazy to golfers and brunchers, but some people really do have a hard time shifting from work on their days off. That’s not good. Days off exist for a reason.

Earth Day Desk

5 Ways to Plan a Successful Earth Day 2016

If Sustainability has birthday, it’s April 22, aka Earth Day. Why not celebrate all month long! WeSpire’s customers often reboot environmentally focused programs right now, fueled by data collected during the previous year.

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Behavior Science Discovers Productivity Boosters, and you already know two of them

“There are some people who pretend at productivity, whose résumés appear impressive until you realize their greatest talent is self marketing. Then there are others… who seem to exist on a different plane of getting things done.”