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Positive Business

Positive Business, What Is It?

The U.S. workforce has made it clear that they are looking to find work that gives them a sense of purpose and that they can feel passionate about. Organizations are responding by providing more employee engagement programs and positive impact opportunities – but does this make them a positive business? 


Business Leaders Discuss Millennials’ Impact in the Workplace

Earlier this month we asked a group of business leaders from a variety of industries, to share their thoughts on our blog post, 10 Things Millennials Look for in an Employer.


Safety At Work, Starts With Culture

According to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, employees who miss six days or more of work due to workplace injuries, cost U.S. businesses nearly 62 billion dollars a year.


10 Things Millennials Look for in an Employer

With college graduation right around the corner, more and more companies are interviewing and searching for Millennials to join their thriving workforces.

CS Corner

Customer Success Corner: Earth Day Best Practices

April 22nd… Earth Day… A once-a-year rallying cry for the environment where we all shout: “We care about nature” and “Go green!”

Innovative Office

Inspired by Work

You know what it’s like to be inspired: shaken up in the best possible way, perhaps by a person, a cause, or even a movie, music, or spectacle that’s contagiously energizing to you: so spot-on that you’re charged up to do something new.


23 Ideas for Your Green Team this Earth Month

A valued WeSpire customer made a special request recently.

simplify technology

3 Key Insights on How to NOT Be Disruptive with Your Employee Engagement Strategy

The world’s best tech startup designers might not ordinarily reach for the Wall Street Journal for inspiration, but today is an exception.

Happiness at Work

Happy Work, Happy Life

“People are redefining the workplace. Previously we thought work was hell and leisure was great. That is just silly. Work can – and should be – a source of happiness, if workplaces are designed right.” John Helliwell, co-editor of The World Happiness Report

Why Weekend

6 Ways to Weekend Well and Be (Even More) Productive During the Week

It might sound crazy to golfers and brunchers, but some people really do have a hard time shifting from work on their days off. That’s not good. Days off exist for a reason.