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summer employee engagement programs

Three Easy Employee Engagement Programs for the Summer

We know how busy the summer months can be — employees are out on vacation, the kids are out of school, and the weather keeps getting nicer, but that doesn’t mean your employee engagement programs have to suffer.


Leverage Major Sporting Events to Increase Engagement

65 percent of employed Americans are sports fans; meaning sports are an important part of your workforce’s lives. Take this common interest into consideration when developing employee engagement programs!


Millennials Demand Corporate Volunteering And Here’s Why

Whether you are trying to attract and retain millennials, help employees develop their skills, strengthen your corporate culture, or do all of the above, corporate volunteering can help you hit your goals.

Bentall Kennedy We Are All Wildlife

New Case Study: Launching Corporate Initiatives and Maintaining Momentum

Our newest case study demonstrates how Bentall Kennedy, one of North America’s largest real estate investment and services firms, leveraged the WeSpire platform to engage its tenants in its #WeAreAllWildlife campaign with World Wildlife Fund Canada.

employee passion

What Do Your Employees Want?

Getting your employees to participate in formal employee engagement programming is a difficult challenge as it is, but many organizations are making it more difficult than it needs to be.

breast cancer awareness

Engage Your Employees in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A recent Gallup study found that 94 percent of employees believe it is important for companies to not just be profitable, but be mindful of their impact on the environment and society. The month of October provides your organization with the opportunity to make a positive impact while further instilling a sense of confidence in your stakeholders.


How To Develop Wide-Reaching Employee Sustainability Programs

According to our research, 20 percent of respondents say they don’t participate in employee engagement programs because they’re not passionate about the programs that are offered.

employee engagement blogs

Our Most Popular Employee Engagement Blog Posts

Are you looking for actionable information and best practices around employee engagement? Here are our most read blog posts on employee engagement topics.

Driving Forces of Employee Engagement

New Report: The Driving Forces of Employee Engagement

Today WeSpire released its survey report, The Driving Forces of Employee Engagement. The survey explores the relationship between formal employee engagement programming and employee satisfaction and engagement levels.

sustainable programs

Engage All Generations in Your Sustainability Programs

Corporate social and environmental initiatives are quickly moving from a nice to have to a must have. A recent study done by Cone Communications found that 51 percent of employees won’t even work for a company that isn’t committed to improving their social and environmental efforts.