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NRG Gratitude Project

NRG Gratitude Campaign: Thankful Thursdays

In 2014, NRG selected WeSpire to create and host an employee-engagement program branded InspireMEnrg.

Mo Sustainalytics

Customer Spotlight: Sustainalytics Leverages Movember FUNraising and Gamification to Fuel Employee Engagement

Here’s a question our Customer Success team often receives:

“How should we incorporate fun into our engagement programs?”

At WeSpire, we believe fun is a powerful tool for motivating employees toward achieving positive impact goals. Our platform’s built-in game mechanics, social norming, and playful content infuses lightheartedness into our customers’ sustainability, well-being, and civic-service programs; programs that have historically been typecast as “un-sexy” or “boring.”

Happy New Year from WeSpire

A Happy New Year from the WeSpire team!

A New Year provides us all with the opportunity to look back at what we’ve accomplished over the previous 12 months, and at the same time look ahead to what we will accomplish in the 12 months ahead. As the WeSpire team looks back at 2015 we’re amazed at what our customers have been able to achieve harnessing the power of the WeSpire platform.

behavior change, positive impact

Behavior Change, Positive Impact and Purposeful Work: There is no “right” way to do it

Across nearly every industry, the topic of impact—how to create it, contribute to it, and control it—is being talked about, presented on, strategized over, and increasingly, being scrutinized to measure. Sure enough, it was the topic of focus at last month’s Sustainatopia conference in Boston, arguably one of the largest gatherings of influential decision-makers and thought leaders in the world of sustainability.

culture of sustainability

Fueling a Culture of Sustainability: Using Behavior Design Technology to HR’s Benefit

Capturing the attention and passion of employees from the very start of the on-boarding experience is incredibly challenging, but when you layer on the fact that most organizations already face serious employee engagement and culture issues, the task becomes gargantuan.

employee engagement survey

Employee Engagement Survey: How Does Your Program Measure Up? Take the Quiz!

57% of employees – and 76% of Millennials – want their employer to do more around employee engagement.

How can you improve engagement at your company? The first step is to figure out how well you are currently doing.

workplace wellness programs

5 Best Practices for Implementing Successful Workplace Wellness Programs

According to Gallup, the annual per-person cost of lost productivity due to sick days is $28,800 among employees ranked with the lowest well-being scores. However, for those with the highest well-being scores, the per-person annual cost is only $840.

This huge cost differential is the reason why employers are increasingly focusing on robust workplace wellness programs. What’s more, when health and well-being are actively promoted in the workplace, companies are 2.5 times more likely to be viewed as top-performing organizations. As a result, meaningful well-being perks can help organizations attract and retain the best talent in the field and drive meaningful business outcomes.

employee engagement infographic

Employee Engagement Infographic: Three Emerging Drivers Motivating Today’s Workforce

Today’s workforce is changing: One-in-three American workers are Millennials, and earlier this year they surpassed Generation X as the largest share making up the workforce. More importantly, this generation is doing things a bit differently. Workers today want to be coached by their managers, have flexible work hours, and want to work for an organization with values similar to their own.


HR Onboarding Software: How to Empower & Engage Your Employees from Day One

HR professionals know that companies who invest the most time and resources in onboarding reap the highest levels of employee engagement. Your managers are the most valuable resource you have in building a foundation for a more engaged and committed workforce, as they motivate the rest of your employees to succeed. Moreover, you will increase your ability to attract and retain the best talent from the labor pool through comprehensive onboarding programs, adding to your company’s competitive edge.


3 strategies to boost employee engagement and strengthen economic, social and environmental quality of life

A recent Gallup report shows that companies with highly engaged employees have 147% higher earnings per share compared to companies with low employee engagement. In addition to driving higher levels of productivity and lower turnover rates, employee engagement programs also positively impact customer ratings and satisfaction: Analysis by Harvard Business School found a causal relationship between customer loyalty and employees’ participation in sustainable activities through Caesars’ engagement program.