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8 Problems WeSpire Solves

8 Employee Engagement Problems WeSpire Helps You Solve

According to Gallup, disengaged employees cost the U.S upwards of $550 Billion dollars each year in productivity, work place absences, turnover and more.

active & engaged workforce

Five Best Practices to Activate and Build an Engaged Workforce

The benefits of having an engaged workforce are numerous, and can give your organization a competitive advantage.

behavior change, positive impact

Behavior Change, Positive Impact and Purposeful Work: There is no “right” way to do it

Across nearly every industry, the topic of impact—how to create it, contribute to it, and control it—is being talked about, presented on, strategized over, and increasingly, being scrutinized to measure. Sure enough, it was the topic of focus at last month’s Sustainatopia conference in Boston, arguably one of the largest gatherings of influential decision-makers and thought leaders in the world of sustainability.

The convergence of energy, tech, and sustainability

The Convergence of Energy, Tech, & Sustainability for Better Business

Last week, I spent two exciting days in Austin, TX as an attendee of Fortune Brainstorm E, an invite-only conference hosted by the team at Fortune Magazine that focuses on energy, tech and sustainability for better business outcomes. WeSpire was originally introduced to this event in 2012 as part of Fortune Brainstorm Green’s Cool Companies competition, where top start-ups pitch to venture capitalists.

Success Breeds Success

Success Breeds Success: simple engagement adds up to effective engagement

Let’s say you wanted to persuade a few billion people to be more thoughtful about energy consumption. How would you make that happen?

why we work

Why We Work: Job Satisfaction & Employee Engagement

For all the juicy beach reads we could have devoured this summer, we’ve been totally distracted by that thing we’re supposed to be getting away from when we sit in a beach chair reading: Work.

culture of sustainability

Fueling a Culture of Sustainability: Using Behavior Design Technology to HR’s Benefit

Capturing the attention and passion of employees from the very start of the on-boarding experience is incredibly challenging, but when you layer on the fact that most organizations already face serious employee engagement and culture issues, the task becomes gargantuan.

employee engagement survey

Employee Engagement Survey: How Does Your Program Measure Up? Take the Quiz!

57% of employees – and 76% of Millennials – want their employer to do more around employee engagement.

How can you improve engagement at your company? The first step is to figure out how well you are currently doing.

workplace wellness programs

5 Best Practices for Implementing Successful Workplace Wellness Programs

According to Gallup, the annual per-person cost of lost productivity due to sick days is $28,800 among employees ranked with the lowest well-being scores. However, for those with the highest well-being scores, the per-person annual cost is only $840.

This huge cost differential is the reason why employers are increasingly focusing on robust workplace wellness programs. What’s more, when health and well-being are actively promoted in the workplace, companies are 2.5 times more likely to be viewed as top-performing organizations. As a result, meaningful well-being perks can help organizations attract and retain the best talent in the field and drive meaningful business outcomes.


Corporate Volunteering: 4 Success Stories for Building a Culture of Community Involvement

Growing evidence reveals a strong link between corporate volunteering initiatives and employee engagement and performance: A 2011 Deloitte Study found Millennials who frequently participate in volunteer activities are more likely to be satisfied with their employer and are nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career. These satisfaction indices are strong indicators for employee engagement, and demonstrate how corporate volunteering can be a successful vehicle to improve employee engagement levels and the associated benefits of employee productivity, morale and retention.