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The 411 on Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups have proven to be an effective driver of key business results.

recognition celebration

How To Harness The Power of Recognition

Recognition and rewards are both important elements of your employee engagement strategy, however most executives use the terms interchangeably, when in-fact, each has its own unique purpose.

Employees Need Vacation

Why Employees Should Use ALL Their Vacation Days

Not encouraging your employees to take vacation days could be costing your company, in a big way.

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New WeSpire Employee Engagement White Paper Deep-Dives into the Power of Honest Praise for a Job Well Done.


HR Onboarding Software: How to Empower & Engage Your Employees from Day One

HR professionals know that companies who invest the most time and resources in onboarding reap the highest levels of employee engagement. Your managers are the most valuable resource you have in building a foundation for a more engaged and committed workforce, as they motivate the rest of your employees to succeed. Moreover, you will increase your ability to attract and retain the best talent from the labor pool through comprehensive onboarding programs, adding to your company’s competitive edge.

mentorship programs

A Recipe for Employee Retention: Building the Business Case for Workplace Mentorship Programs

A recent Deloitte report finds that 58% of HR executives believe their current performance process does not drive employee engagement. Today, successful organizations are using workplace mentorship programs to tackle complex human resource challenges, such as increasing employee retention and improving workforce productivity, as well as for new purposes, like diversity training or high potential development.

80% of learning takes place informally, interactions between mentors and mentees are crucial times for employees to absorb knowledge.

Employees face barriers at work daily, and they often lack the necessary skills and resources when challenged. An employee in this scenario has two options. He could resign himself to a fate of inaction, resulting in disengagement because he feels he cannot seek advice from his superiors. Or, he could meet with his mentor, who could equip him will the necessary tools and guidance to flourish and further his career.

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Workplace Culture of Positive Impact: Closing the intent-to-action gap

Employee perks like errand runners, monogrammed cupcakes, and free puppies must be nice, and no doubt they create a fun recruiting experience; but these days people want more. They want the opportunity to do better and to work for a company with a purpose beyond just frosting. An opportunity to connect with something larger — and maybe even help make the world a better place.

HR sustainability initiatives

HR’s Role in an Engaged and Sustainable Organization [Whitepaper]

HR’s role in sustainability is changing. The Human Resource function is uniquely positioned to assist in both developing and implementing a sustainability strategy, and 82% of HR executives believe sustainability can positively affect corporate profits (Source: MIT Sloan Management Review). But what exactly is influencing this?

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FUN: The Missing Driver of Employee Engagement & Recruiting

Only 17% of companies feel they have a compelling and engaging employment brand (source: Bersin by Deloitte). One of the central messages in my recent keynote presentations focuses on what is consistently missing from most companies’ employee engagement strategies and solutions for attracting fantastic new talent: FUN.