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Employee Appreciation Day 2016

This #EmployeeAppreciation day, a few reminders on your talent: i.e., the people you work with.

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Why We Work: Job Satisfaction & Employee Engagement

For all the juicy beach reads we could have devoured this summer, we’ve been totally distracted by that thing we’re supposed to be getting away from when we sit in a beach chair reading: Work.

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Employee Engagement Survey: How Does Your Program Measure Up? Take the Quiz!

57% of employees – and 76% of Millennials – want their employer to do more around employee engagement.

How can you improve engagement at your company? The first step is to figure out how well you are currently doing.


HR Onboarding Software: How to Empower & Engage Your Employees from Day One

HR professionals know that companies who invest the most time and resources in onboarding reap the highest levels of employee engagement. Your managers are the most valuable resource you have in building a foundation for a more engaged and committed workforce, as they motivate the rest of your employees to succeed. Moreover, you will increase your ability to attract and retain the best talent from the labor pool through comprehensive onboarding programs, adding to your company’s competitive edge.

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A Recipe for Employee Retention: Building the Business Case for Workplace Mentorship Programs

A recent Deloitte report finds that 58% of HR executives believe their current performance process does not drive employee engagement. Today, successful organizations are using workplace mentorship programs to tackle complex human resource challenges, such as increasing employee retention and improving workforce productivity, as well as for new purposes, like diversity training or high potential development.

80% of learning takes place informally, interactions between mentors and mentees are crucial times for employees to absorb knowledge.

Employees face barriers at work daily, and they often lack the necessary skills and resources when challenged. An employee in this scenario has two options. He could resign himself to a fate of inaction, resulting in disengagement because he feels he cannot seek advice from his superiors. Or, he could meet with his mentor, who could equip him will the necessary tools and guidance to flourish and further his career.


Overcoming the Ineffectiveness of the Employee Engagement Survey through Purposeful Work

For more than 30 years Gallup and other companies have pioneered the concept of the “engagement survey” as far back as the late 1800s when Fredrick Taylor, a pioneering industrial engineer in the steel industry, began to evaluate employee productivity relative to their attitudes towards work.

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Using Data to Fuel Your Employee Engagement Program [SlideShare]

Arming yourself with the latest and greatest data is often the first (and necessary) step to gaining buy-in for taking your employee engagement program to the next level.

57% of employees, and 76% of Millennials, want their employer to do more around employee engagement

This is one of the powerful findings from our new research report, The Evolution of Employee Engagement. But as a business stakeholder, how do you take data and turn it into actionable and impactful results for your employee engagement program?


Employee Engagement Impact: What The Worlds Greatest Managers Do Differently

The secret to boosting employee engagement is great managers. They engage with their teams on many levels and on a regular basis to achieve bottom line business results. They create environments where employees take responsibility for their own—and their team’s—engagement and build workplaces that are engines of productivity and profitability.