Create Positive Impact

See how WeSpire enables individuals and entire organizations to drive measurable, positive impact.

Design, Run, and Measure Your Positive Impact Initiatives

Empower your employees to make a positive impact at work and in your communities all while driving real business results.

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Positive Actions That Employees Love

Our platform provides employees with opportunities to connect with co-workers, take action around causes they care about and stay informed on company initiatives. On the backend, you're able to measure employee impact on company goals.

Our platform was built to help you address your biggest business obstacles:

  • Distribute targeted information
  • Create a sense of community
  • Measure programmatic and employee engagement

The Science of Employee Engagement

WeSpire motivates and inspires employees to take action by delivering triggers that resonate with their interests and passions.

Our methodology is founded on the following three principles:

  1. Awareness: We ensure that employees know about corporate programs, why they are important and how they can participate.
  2. Participation: We ensure employees are motivated to participate in programs, generating enough activity to inspire others, too.
  3. Results: We ensure the activity generated by employees is impactful and can meet the company program goals delivering quantifiable business results.

Powered by the Science of Behavior Technology

Organizations use WeSpire's Campaign Templates to run tried-and-true positive impact campaigns that promote behavior change around the causes that matter to both the company and its employees.

  • Positive Impact: At the individual project level, each project is designed to help employees build lasting positive behaviors.
  • The Network Effect: A network of people influencing each other forms social norms that ultimately act as the catalyst for changing the majority’s behavior.
  • Culture Creation: Employees can compete both individually and on teams, with achievement and rewards creating a culture of change.

Actions that Drive Impact on the Bottom Line

WeSpire's Campaign Library contains hundreds of configurable Campaign Templates that can educate and inspire your employees to take action.

  • Measure Impact: Robust reporting tools – including ROI calculation & downloadable reports – track participation, activity & impact.
  • Drive Community Involvement: Targeted content and social & game mechanics create a culture that thrives on positive impact programs.
  • Cultivate & Reward Innovation: Messaging, two-way communication and recognition gives employees a voice and mechanism to innovate.
  • Attract & Retain Talent: Connect employees to company values, building awareness, purpose and personal & professional fulfillment.

Proven & Customizable Employee Engagement Campaigns

Customize one of our 180+ Campaigns, or create your own from scratch


Track and Measure Employee Sustainability Savings

WeSpire's Sustainability Campaigns inspire employees to take actions that produce measurable social and environmental outcomes.

Educate employees on how they can live more sustainable lives, show them the impact they have and measure engagement.

Along with a vision and corporate strategy to make a sustainable impact, employees will gain a clear understanding of how they can help achieve company sustainability goals and how it impacts their own well-being.

Social Impact

Social Impact Programs with Purpose

More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies have formal employee volunteer programs because they are proven to improve recruitment efforts, employee engagement, and retention levels.

WeSpire's Social Impact Campaigns show employees how to become active and engaged community members. Employees are inspired to engage in corporate initiatives and build a stronger connection to your brand’s core mission and values.

WeSpire's Events Tool helps promote and involve their employees in all of their corporate opportunities—from volunteering and community outreach to career development and social events—building a culture that is connected and inspired.

United Nations' SDGs

Educate and Inspire Employees Around the Sustainable Development Goals

41% of businesses say they will embed the SDGs into strategy and the way they do business by 2020, according to a survey from PwC.

WeSpire for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals includes 18 Campaigns, one Campaign for each goal and a Campaign introducing the goals.

Measure and demonstrate the impact that employee actions have on the goals, provide social recognition and create positive behavior change.

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Corporate Culture

Bring your Corporate Culture to Life

WeSpire's Corporate Culture Campaigns are customized to your organization and show your employees what they can do to further your corporate culture.

Programs supporting diversity and inclusion, recognition, company mission, and more can be run and measured on the WeSpire platform.

The WeSpire platform connects employees to your organization's unique mission and values, providing them with a clear understanding of what they can do to achieve company goals.


Create a Culture of Wellbeing

"Wellbeing refers to the holistic health of an individual: mental, emotional and physical. People spend 40 or more hours a week, and will no longer stand for a job that drains them.

WeSpire's Wellbeing Campaigns inspire employees to make positive changes that result in healthier lifestyles. Programs range from healthy eating to mindfulness to physical fitness, and beyond.

Let employees choose the programs that they're passionate about and encourage them to try new things!"