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See how WeSpire enables individuals and entire organizations to drive measurable, positive impact.

WeSpire Employee Engagement PLATFORM

Launch impactful online employee engagement programs that inspire people to take action.

WeSpire: Actions That Employees Love

Imagine your employees able to not only access vital company information that enables them to work more effectively, but they can interact with it in innovative ways – all the while measuring their impact on company goals.

An easy way to run engagement programs that address your biggest business obstacles:

  • Distribute targeted information
  • Increase productive outcomes
  • Measure the results
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The Science of Employee Engagement

WeSpire motivates and inspires employees to take action by delivering triggers that resonate with their interests and passions.

Our methodology is founded on the following three principles:

  1. Awareness: We ensure that employees know about corporate programs, why they are important and how they can participate.
  2. Participation: We ensure employees are motivated to participate in programs, generating enough activity to inspire others, too.
  3. Results: We ensure the activity generated by employees is impactful and can meet the company program goals delivering quantifiable business results.

Intuitively Meeting the Needs of Today's Workforce

WeSpire's intelligent behavioral-based solution tailors itself to the individual actions of employees so they can more easily perform and quickly master their domain. Ultimately, employees can see how they've contributed towards overall customer satisfaction and profitability and feel positive about their impact.

  • Projects & Actions : Your employees are inspired to take action and are rewarded for each step.
  • Measurement & ROI: Our management panel shows you how your employees are working and their impact on your bottom line.
  • Structured Outcomes: WeSpire can be easily configured with targeted actions to meet specific business outcomes.

Actions that Drive Impact on the Bottom Line

WeSpire's Project Library contains hundreds of configurable programs that can unlock the latent talent, innovation and productivity in your organization.

  • Measure Impact: Robust reporting tools – including ROI calculation & downloadable reports – track participation, activity & impact.
  • Drive Community Involvement: Targeted content and social & game mechanics create a culture that thrives on positive impact programs.
  • Cultivate & Reward Innovation: Messaging, two-way communication and recognition gives employees a voice and mechanism to innovate.
  • Attract & Retain Talent: Connect employees to company values, building awareness, purpose and personal & professional fulfillment.

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Proven & Configurable Employee Engagement Project Library

Our library can be configured to meet your core business requirements.


Improve Employee Retention & Satisfaction with Positive Sustainable Actions

WeSpire's Sustainability engagement Project Library contains content that inspires employees to take action and impact social and environmental outcomes.

As a critical component of organizational change and development, employees can find meaning in their work through positive actions.

Along with a vision and strategy to achieve sustainable impact, employees will gain a clear understanding of what they can do to achieve company directives and how it impacts their own well-being and their company mission.

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Leverage the Science Behind Giving

Today, 85% of companies have a formal domestic employee volunteer program and 47% have a formal international volunteer program.

It's still profoundly true—it is better to give than to receive when it comes to building volunteering into your employee engagement program. Helping employees feel valued and cared for at work also demonstrates a company's commitment to care and act justly toward others.

WeSpires's engagement volunteering Project Library enlightens employees to ‘make sense’ of their organization and their place within it in a positive manner.

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Raise Awareness and Influence Healthy Behaviors

According to the RAND Employer Survey, fewer than half of employees (46%) participate in workplace wellness programs even though they reduce medical cost, absenteeism, and health-related productivity losses.

WeSpire's Well-being Project Library provides a way to inspire employees to make positive changes and adopt healthier lifestyles at home, work and the community.

Along with a vision and strategy to make healthy choices, employees will gain a clear understanding of what they can do to achieve company directives and how it impacts their own well-being.

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Corporate Citizenship

Create a Roadmap for Employees on the Path to Citizenship

Today, forward thinking companies know that creating a work environment that encourages innovation, rewards results and embodies its values is a key strategy for maximizing shareholder and brand value—not to mention attracting and retaining talented Millennials.

WeSpire's Corporate Citizenship Project Library engages employees to become active and engaged community members at home, work and in society. Employees are inspired to engage in corporate initiatives and build a stronger connection to your brand’s core mission and values.

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