The Evolution of Employee Engagement Research Report 2015

employee engagement motivation

57% of employees would like to see their employer do more around employee engagement and 50% of employees want to become more involved in corporate programs.

With leading companies using technology to increase employee engagement in response to the needs of today's rapidly changing, multi-generational, and global workforce, we've mined data since 2009 to evaluate how employee engagement programs can help workers find fulfillment aligned with their company mission and values.


  • Good Managers: Engaged employees have managers that care about them, and feel like they are contributing to their teams in meaningful ways.
  • Transparency: Organizations with an employee engagement policy are more likely to have an engaged workforce, as are organizations that provide greater visibility into company initiatives.
  • Choice & Collaboration: Workers who have a choice in the types of programs they can positively impact or have the ability to collaborate on company outreach activities are more likely to be engaged.