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Customer Spotlight: Philadelphia Insurance

The work that our customers do and the innovative ways they bring purpose to their workplaces continues to inspire us. One of our customers, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, has an amazing story about how they enhanced their culture of volunteering and bringing their program to a new high-point.


Millennials Demand Corporate Volunteering And Here’s Why

Whether you are trying to attract and retain millennials, help employees develop their skills, strengthen your corporate culture, or do all of the above, corporate volunteering can help you hit your goals.


A Guide to Planning Volunteer Events

Planning corporate volunteer events is difficult. Check out our favorite new tool to help keep you ultra-organized.

Greenovate Boston

5 Reasons Volunteering Boosts Engagement

This past Friday our team had the opportunity to partner with Greenovate Boston to celebrate Earth Day, and beautify the city.

skills-based volunteering

Corporate Volunteer Programs: Leveraging Workplace Skills for Good

Skills-based corporate volunteer programs not only creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment for your employees but also a lasting positive impact to the community creating brand currency. A corporate skills-based volunteering program is central to your employee engagement efforts and allows organizations to:

  • Further cultivate your employee skill sets
  • Increase brand visibility to attract new employees and retain top talent
  • Create a sense of personal fulfillment and purpose throughout the organization aligned with corporate positive impact initiatives