Purpose at Work

Aaron Hurst says we’re living in the Purpose Economy, and if you start to talk to anyone in the HR space, it’s clear that employees want to work at purpose-driven businesses.

Everyone’s talking about purpose, including us, but the truth is that purpose is very personal and means something different to everyone. We’ve put together a short survey with the goal of understanding what purpose means to you ‘ and how you’re currently experiencing it in the workplace.

The ever-more-frequent discussions of purpose at work are just a symptom of the rapidly changing world of work. The ability to work remotely, the rise of freelancers and contract jobs, the startup economy, crowdfunding, the gig economy, automation and many other factors have completely changed how we view work and the role it plays in our lives.

No one will deny that we work to earn an income, but is that all we should expect from work? Can work energize, inspire and excite us? Can it give us a purpose? Here at WeSpire, we hope so.

I’m excited to learn more about how you all feel about purpose at work and identify what we can do to create a better working world.

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