5 Reasons Volunteering Boosts Engagement

This past Friday our team had the opportunity to partner with Greenovate Boston to celebrate Earth Day, and beautify the city.

The event, called Boston Shines, takes place around the entire city over three weekends. We were lucky enough to be assigned to Boston’s historic Fenway Park. Greenovate provided the volunteers with the necessary tools: trash bags, trash pickers, brooms, rakes, gloves — you name it, they had it.


We were lucky to have such beautiful weather on our volunteer day, but that wasn’t the only highlight of the day. Here are the five best parts of our volunteer day ‘ and why it won’t be our last!

1. It boosted morale: Everyone had looked forward to a switch in routine, a chance to get out of the office and into the community. WeSpire helps companies connect their employees to their purpose, and this was a good reminder that we need to do the same at our organization.

2. Team building: We had volunteers from marketing, engineering and customer success working together and getting to know each other. It was a great opportunity to learn about each others’ interests and collaborate in a completely new setting.

3. It’s part of our purpose: We help companies improve employee engagement and drive positive actions. We embrace any opportunity we can to further support our mission.

4. Networking: In addition to working with people from various WeSpire departments, we had a few volunteers from other companies join our group. Talking with them about their jobs and why they decided to volunteer helped us to gain new perspectives and exchange ideas.

5. Impact: We know that every action counts, no matter how small, it can have a real impact on the world. Having the opportunity volunteer with my colleagues is a reminder of the positive impact that corporations can have in our communities.

What are some of your employees’ favorite volunteer opportunities? We’d love to hear how your team celebrated Earth Day.