6 Employee Engagement Campaigns You Can Start Today

With employee engagement levels remaining stagnant in the U.S. at an alarmingly low 32%, many organizations are stymied for fresh inspiration to drive up this key statistic.

Designing, implementing and measuring an entire employee engagement program is a daunting task. You need to understand what’s important to your organization and at the same time understand what’s important to your employees. Then you have to try to align the priorities of both, and create an overarching program to engage your entire workforce’from traditionalists to innovators, from baby boomers to millennials, from Generation X to Generation Y, and beyond.

Let’s eat this proverbial elephant one bite at a time. To begin, consider a campaign-driven approach: you can’t run the same employee engagement campaign indefinitely and expect people to sustain their excitement and participation forever. We all like things to be refreshed, and we are more likely to participate in employee engagement programs that are relevant to us.

The WeSpire team has created a list of 6 easy, effective employee engagement campaigns your organization can roll out today or file away for use in the months to come.

1. Give kudos: recognize a colleague. This campaign encourages your employees to recognize their co-workers for any and all behaviors that are important to your organization.

Example: Use your company’s value statement to entice employees to recognize an employee for bringing to life one or many of those values.

2. Read your organization’s Mission, Vision, & Values: Inspiring and organizing principles are valuable, but only if all of your employees own them.

Example: Give employees the opportunity to earn a reward for knowing your corporate principles. This can be as simple as a leader walking down the hall and asking someone to recite the mission: if they get it right, maybe they win a logo backpack or are featured in the HR newsletter that month.

3. Log your volunteer hours: Let your employees show off a little and share their stories about their community work and philanthropic commitment.

Example: Provide a list of local charities or organizations your company has relationships with so your employees can contact them for volunteer opportunities.

4. Turn off lights (at home, or at work): Encourage your employees to turn off the conference-room overheads once the meeting is over, or turn off the lights in the kitchen once they are done making dinner. They’ll be helping the environment and electric bills around the globe.

Example: Place witty signs on light switches around the office (“Be bright! Shut the light!”). It’s a fun and engaging way to remind and encourage employees to take part in this behavior.

5. Exercise before or after work: Some of the best ideas come when you get your blood flowing and your body moving. Your employees will love to take actions like attending a yoga class, completing a 30-minute gym workout, walking to work, and so many others.

Example: Offer discount memberships to local gyms, host a walking meeting, get teams to log their physical activity for a month and provide a reward for the most active team at your organization.

6. Commit a random act of kindness: Nothing brings a radiant smile to both giver and receiver than surprise thoughtfulness. Launch your office smile fest by creating and posting actions around the office, and people will join in.

Example: Pay for the person’s coffee in line behind you, offer someone who is homeless your leftovers from dinner, or compliment a colleague to their manager. Have employees enter one another into a raffle for every random act of kindness they witness a co-worker completing.

Put your own unique spin on any of these programs! All of these campaigns are easily implemented within your WeSpire platform in just a few minutes. If you don’t have the WeSpire platform yet, that’s okay’you can still make any of these campaigns work well. Our flexible platform makes the work easy, effective, and fun for you, too.


We’d love to hear what unique programs your company uses to drive engagement. Please share with us in the comments.

Happy Engaging!