ESG Engagement Strategy

Your company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance impacts one of your most important stakeholder groups: your employees. Harness your ESG programs to engage today’s employees and attract tomorrow’s talent.

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Your approach to ESG employee engagement is more important than ever before. A growing body of evidence suggests that the link between ESG performance and workforce sentiment is strong and growing. Simultaneously, concerns about big issues such as social justice and climate change are shaping the global workforce. As a result, the emphasis placed on ESG performance by employees is likely to increase as more young people enter the workforce.

WeSpire consultants approach every ESG strategic review with the same goal: build the case for creating a best-in-class ESG employee engagement initiative that drives business value. Working closely with you, we analyze the status and impact of your engagement initiatives and how they fit within your broader organization context, uncover barriers to perfromance, and create ESG employee experience plans powered by purpose and insight.

What is ESG Engagement Strategy?

WeSpire believes that the future of business depends on balancing success with a commitment to the world around us. Our ESG Engagement Strategy presents clients with emprical, custom counsel on how to align their employee experience programs with their ESG framework and how to center ESG employee engagement as a proven way to make smarter decisions. 

Our clients across every industry underscore the importance of an engaged and high-performing workforce. From our decades of experience and research, ESG employee engagement has become a key component to their overall success, as it correlates with a variety of indicators such as reduced employee turnover, better customer retention, and increased productivity — all of which feeds into higher profitability. Our ESG Engagement Strategy provides you with the specific metrics needed to assess and tailor your ESG employee engagement programs.

ESG Engagement Maturity Model

WeSpire has a well-developed framework for advancing employee experience programs. Our proprietary ESG Engagement Maturity Model is a tool that supports this service and helps our clients to quantify their organizations’ current performance.

ESG Employee Engagement and Behavior Change

From business-case preparation to deep dive HR engagement analytics, our team of consultants and analysts can support your custom engagement needs. Read more about our approach to behavior change.

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