WeSpire’s Behavioral Project Library

The WeSpire Behavioral Project Library is the first solution of its kind, offering organizations a collection of prebuilt employee engagement programs in areas that align with corporate initiatives.

Library content spans a number of areas including sustainability, social impact, wellbeing, and inclusive culture, as well as giving, volunteering, civic engagement, and diveristy, equity, and inclusion. The pre-designed programs in the library can easily be customized and branded for each organization. The modules are designed to motivate and empower employees, based on scientifically proven principles of behavior change.

As any business leader will tell you, employee engagement is becoming increasingly more difficult in today’s always-on, connected world. It is harder than ever to ensure people are focused, empowered, and engaged. In fact, the number of engaged employees worldwide is currently at a record low—just 13 percent according to Gallup. In the U.S. alone, this equates to a loss of $450 to $550 billion each year.

How the Library Superpowers Engagement

  • Relevant Timing: Content is delivered when an employee perceives a need with which they personally identify.
  • Actionable Content: Content is simple, focused and instructs the user on how to take action.
  • Variety and Intrigue: Employees are prompted with intended actions that are enticing and elicit curiosity.

In addition to providing actionable projects, the WeSpire platform produces reports on employee participation and impact. The analytics engine provides a robust view of how employees are engaging with corporate directives and interacting with their fellow employees to bring about impactful, long-term change.

The Behavior Project Library earned an Edison Award, one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success.

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