How BentallGreenOak Launched their Sustainability Initiative

Bentall Kennedy (now BentallGreenOak), one of North America’s largest real estate investment firms, leveraged the WeSpire platform to take their sustainability initiatives to the next level.

A member of the Sun Life Investment Management Group, BentallGreenOak has established a record of esteemed leadership on building performance and efficiency. The firm is a long-time partner of the World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-CA), the largest international conservation organization.

As part of the campaign to make a lasting positive environmental and social impact, BentallGreenOak and WWF-CA were intent on making a big splash via the
launch of the #WeAreAllWildlife campaign. The two organizations wanted to fnd a creative, social way to educate and encourage people to take part in the campaign, utilizing various organization-wide initiatives. BentallGreenOak decided that leveraging WeSpire’s platform would be key to success.

Close Working Relationship with Customer Service

BentallGreenOak worked closely with their WeSpire customer success manager to brainstorm how they could use the power of the platform to bring the #WeAreAllWildlife campaign to life. Putting the platform to work for purpose, they were able to bring this campaign to the people.

BentallGreenOak used engaging positive-impact actions throughout the campaign and rewarded tenants for each completed action. The BentallGreenOak elevators and hallways were soon buzzing with lively conversation on how to connect with nature in their own lives. Participants earned badges as they completed actions, and this accomplishment nurtured a sense of engagement and friendly competition among the teams. As more individuals completed actions, they posted selfies, shared their experiences with one another, and created a palpable sense of community.

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Learn how one of North America’s largest real estate investment and services firms strategically leveraged the WeSpire platform to launch a joint campaign with WWF-Canada. BentallGreenOak took their sustainability initiatives to the next level, including how to:

  • Reach and engage tenants about the #WeAreAllWildLife event
  • Educate and inspire tenants to make a positive impact
  • Support their dedication to the WWF-Canada #WeAreAllWildlife campaign

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