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    30 Key Corporate Social Responsibility Resources To Help You Stay on Top of Trends

    Check out our top 30 Corporate Social Responsibility essential resources to help you stay on top of emerging trends!

    Susan Hunt Stevens speaking at a Corporate Social Responsibility Conference in Washington, DC
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    Are you working in ESG or hoping to break into the market and want to bring your skills to the next level? Do you want to stay up-to-date on trends impacting the ESG world? Check out our 30 essential resources below, from job boards to scour, newsletters to subscribe to, conferences to attend and more.

    Corporate Social Responsibility experts to Follow:

    1. Susan Hunt Stevens:

    WeSpire’s Founder & CEO of WeSpire, provides expertise on engaging employees in purpose-driven initiatives ranging from sustainability and social impact to holistic wellbeing and inclusive culture.

    2. Leon Kaye:

    Triple Pundit’s executive editor, Kaye writes extensively on topics including energy, corporate activism, supply chain, circular economy and governance.

    3. David Hessekiel:

    David leads Cause Marketing Forum (parent company of Engage For Good) and tweets about all things social impact and corporate philanthropy.

    4. Joel Makower:

    Chairman and co-founder of GreenBiz Group, a media and events company focusing at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. For more than 30 years, through his writing, speaking and leadership, he has helped companies align pressing environmental and social issues with business success.

    5. Susan McPherson:

    Founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, a communications consultancy focused on the intersection of brands and social impact. She is the author ofThe Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Relationships.

    6. Andrew Winston:

    Andrew Winston is a globally-recognized expert on megatrends and how to build companies that thrive by serving the world. He is the author of Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Newsletters to Follow:

    1. WeSpire Weekly:

    Our weekly newsletter provides insights on how to infuse your employee experience with purpose and develop impactful wellbeing, sustainability, social impact and inclusive culture initiatives.

    2. Saturday Spark:

    Saturday Spark is a newsletter for purpose-driven leaders of all kinds. Join WeSpire Founder and CEO Susan Hunt Stevens in a weekly reflection on the principles and beliefs that are of central importance in your life and your business.

    3. Sustainability Decoded:

    In his weekly LinkedIn newsletter, Tim Mohin provides a list of curated articles and resources to help you keep up with what’s happening in the sustainability space.

    4. ESG Today:

    ESG Today's newsletter is focused on “finance with purpose,” and covers topics at the crossroads of ESG and finance.

    5. Sustainable Brands:

    This newsletter cover the latest innovations in ESG and social impact, and how the world’s biggest brands are working to make the world a better place.

    6. Triple Pundit:

    With daily and weekly newsletters with the latest stories that make the business case for corporate responsibility, sustainability, and the private sector's leadership to secure social justice and fair economic opportunities for all.

    7. ACCP’s The Wrap Newsletter:

    Get the latest corporate social responsibility news, trends and events, sent to your inbox weekly.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Conferences & Workshops to attend:

    1. Sustainable Brands:

    Events for ESG leaders all around the world. Their flagship conference, held annually in the United States, brings together purpose-driven, action-oriented visionaries from the world’s leading brands who are focused on delivering positive results for businesses, consumers, the planet, and society.

    2. Engage For Good:

    One of the premier conferences for social impact professionals, bringing together companies and nonprofits under one roof to talk about corporate philanthropy, volunteerism, CSR and cause marketing.

    3. GreenBiz:

    Their annual conference brings together more than 1,500 sustainability professionals every year to talk about achieving net zero, advancing the circular economy, elevating social justice, safeguarding biodiversity, building resilient supply chains and many more emerging themes in the CSR field.

    4. ACCP:

    Their annual conferences are aimed at CSR practitioners and covers topics ranging from diversity, equity & inclusion, ESG, impact measurement, global social impact and professional growth and career progression.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Live Series & Webinars to attend:

    1. WeSpire: Live!:

    Hosted by WeSpire Founder & CEO, Susan Hunt Stevens, we welcome industry experts and influencers to drive conversation with the ESG/CSR community. Every session is based around a different topic, with different guest speakers. WeSpire: Live! is in its early stages but has already boasted some of the top minds in the industry. Check out our Youtube channel!

    2. ACCP Webcasts:

    With a variety of webinars every month covering topics from employee engagement to impact measurement, ESG strategies and more.

    3. CECP Events:

    CECP empowers corporations to be a force for good in society and their events series reflects this. Join in-person and virtual roundtable discussions on CSR topics ranging from employee engagement to net zero and more.

    4. BCCCC Webinars & Virtual Events:

    BCCCC hosts monthly virtual events to help you stay ahead of the topics and trends that are shaping corporate citizenship. Note: you must be a BCCCC member to participate.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Podcasts to explore:

    1. Greenbiz 350:

    Co-hosted by Joel Makower and Heather Clancy, GreenBiz350 is the weekly podcast about the people and companies behind the headlines in sustainable business and clean technology.

    2. Cause Talk Radio:

    In Engage For Good’s social impact podcast series, Communications Director Megan Strand interviews ESG experts from top companies using business as a force for good.

    3. Mindful Business Podcast:

    Host Vidhya Iyer brings innovators, business leaders and thought leaders to share their stories and inspire listeners about sustainable innovations, green products and mindful organizations.

    4. WorkLife With Adam Grant:

    For CSR professionals working in or interested in employee engagement, organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to explore the science of making work not suck.

    Corporate Social Responsibility Podcasts to check out:

    1. ACCP Job Board:

    The Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals maintains a job board with postings from member companies that range from philanthropy to sustainability, community relations and everything in between.

    2. BSR Job Board:

    BSR’s job board includes job openings at BSR member companies. Job postings tend to skew heavily toward sustainability, ESG and stakeholder engagement.

    3. Weinreb Group:

    Weinreb Group is a global, boutique, and woman-owned placement agency that collaborates with clients to find, vet and place well-qualified ESG and sustainability candidates.

    4. B Work:

    B Work is a partnership between B Lab and Fitzii that helps connect purpose-driven jobseekers with positions at social enterprises focused on using business as a force for good.

    5. Reconsidered Impact Jobs Hub:

    Every other week, Reconsidered shares a hand-picked selection of the most fascinating impact roles popping up at companies and organizations around the world.

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